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Easy Gokamoli Dip with Tortilla Chips

Mr. Hubby says “I will make you Gokamoli today. My friend made it very often.”

Me, waiting for the new unheard eatery to be prepared.

Hubby chops, mixes, smashes, squeezes, sprinkles and tada comes the bowl of Gokamoli Dip. And along comes the plate of tortilla chips too. So, you get that! That is a dip for Tortilla chips.

crispy cheese chips with gokamoli dip+mexican recipe

I said. This is more or less, Indian Masala Papad! Right ! And I get a scowling face from Mr.Hubby saying ‘Didnt you get any better idea?’.

I carry on hogging. This indeed is a perfect evening time pass item.

I hit the google bar searching for gogomoli...sorry typo. It gave me ‘’Gokomali Dip”, “Guacamole Recipe”.  And Wikipedia says Gaucamole is an avocado based sauce that originated in Mexico. Basically it involves mashing of ripe avocado, chopped onions and tomatoes and some additional seasonings. Yes that is what done here too now.

Ripe avocado+recipe

You will need:
One ripe avocado, one big size onion, one medium size tomato, coriander leaves, 2-3 spoon lemon juice, salt and pepper.

All you have to do is:
Scoop out the avocado from its outer cover and mash it well in a bowl.
Add finely chopped onion, tomato and coriander leaves to the mashed avocado. Mix well with some pressure.

easy Gaucamole  recipe+evening snack

 Top it with lemon juice, pepper powder and salt. Again mix well.

Tasty Gokomoli Dip+recipes

Now this is the dip for tortilla chips. It is great with salty cheese chips. I am sure it is great with most of the crispy chips.

gokomoli dip with tortilla chips+vegetable recipe

I hope you will try this and taste. 

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