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Sugar Coated Cashews, Sweet on 200 th Post !!

Happy to post the 200th article today :). Happiestladies had a long way in an year covering almost all relating to ladies. Thank you readers for your support and love. 

Here goes a sweet, sugar coated cashews on this 200th post.


All you require is:

10 to 12 Cashews


Powdered sugar



Take about 10 cashews and fry them at low flame using ghee. Fry till light brownish, do not burn them. Keep it cool down.


Prepare sugar syrup, the proportion should be like half cup water and 1 cup sugar. Let it form a thick syrup.


Do not allow the sugar syrup to cool down. Immediately add drop by drop of sugar syrup to the fried cashews and keep on stirring continuously till the syrup thickens forming a coat over cashews. The sugar syrup should form a thick coat.


When the syrup is almost ready to thicken roll the cashews over the powdered sugar. This forms a thick coat over cashews dressed with powdered sugar.


Sugar coated cashews are ready to eat.


This is an easy sweet and famous in south of Karnataka. Very simple that you can prepare even after your guest has arrived.

Till then Stay Happy!

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