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Indian Hog Plum Rasam( as amte menaskayi in Udupi)

You must be aware of Indian Hog Plum or amte kayi in Kannada. So So tangy the fruit is, almost an alternative for tamarind.  A famous rasam from this Plum is cooked from the locals of Udupi.  The ingredients and its combination are so well proportionally added that its sourness vanishes leaving just a flavour of it. Go through the recipe :)


All you Require is:

4 to 5 Indian Hog Plum

3 spoons of black sesame

Red chillies

Half a spoon Urad dal

Half a spoon Corriander seeds

One fourth of spoon Meethi

Curry Leaves

Refined oil

One cup grated coconut

One cup Jaggery


Salt to taste


Take 5 Indian Hog Plums and wash them well. Peel the skin , do not through the seeds.

Indian-hog-plum rasam step1+-easy-recipes

Take a clean vessel , add the peeled skin and the seeds too. Add water till the seeds dip and boil till it softens. Add turmeric and salt.

Add a bowl full of Jaggery to the boiling plums .


Now take a deep pan and heat the sesame seeds without adding oil. Heat till the sesame starts to splitter and leaves its odour. Keep it aside to cool down.
Keep in mind not to add more of sesame , since it might give a bitter taste.


To the same pan add oil, urad dal, coriander seeds, Meethi, curry leaves and red chillies. Fry till golden brown.


Now take a mixer jar and add fried ingredients, sesame seeds and grated coconut. Grind them to fine paste.


Once the Indian Hog plums are boiled add the grinded masala and boil for 2 minutes.


Switch off the flame.

Indian Hog Plum Rasam or amte menas kayi is ready.


Serve with Hot rice.

The seeds added to this rasam makes it unique. As the seeds boils along with jaggery and salt, it tastes sweet and you will feel to lick them like a chocolate :).

Same recipe is done even with ripe sour mangoes.

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