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Did you know??? A Baby has A Baby too...

My days never turn out to be the way I plan. It usually revolves around my baby and the plan always gets changed with primary focus again on my baby. 

Leisure time and weekend time would be my sole right. But now, any or/and all of the time is engaged in nappy changing, cleaning or feeding or keeping the child occupied in any of the games. Phew being a mommy is possible only when you are really ready; especially mentally and emotionally. Else you are not doing justice to the role you are playing. 

Off late, almost every free weekend is a stroll to the play gardens. This weekend was no excuse.
And I had such an amused sight. :D. 

You cannot imagine how easy it is to be a care taker of a baby and can be so easily accepted and managed. Watch below........!!!!!!!

baby with toy+baby accessories

So damn cute.

This guy could hardly walk with full balance. And he pushes his baby with full focus and concentration. His stroller is lying empty; it is being pushed empty too. Ha ha  ha... I did learn that he was just 1 year and 7 months old. 

I could not stop clicking this tiny man caring for his baby. And obviously I could not stop myself from sharing this here. 

I smiled, giggled, laughed.. How about you???

Have a nice week ahead. :) Thanks for reading :)

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