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Creme 21 All day Cream Review & Swatch

Creme 21 All Day Cream, this has become my all purpose cream. Ok, before I begin with everything else, this as a gift from Mr. Husband’s cousin. (Hmmm I accept all gifts. I know that sounds a little shameless. :-P. I am born so. :-) )

I haven’t found this anywhere nearby. This looked new and interesting to me. And the jazzy orange colour of the tub looked even more interesting.

Creme 21 All Day Cream Review+skincare reviews


A wide mouth flat circular plastic tub makes the complete package of this all day all purpose cream. Twist open the cap and there is a wide thick creamy butter like cream. The opening of the tub was sealed with a foil paper. It did protect the cream from sticking to the inner side of the cap to some extent.

Creme 21 All Day Cream Review Package+skin care review

I do not like the package. It leaks from the tub. So not easy in carrying around.


The texture is very very thick and extremely oily. But I needed this for my skin. By skin I mean hand, legs, feet, waist, brow bone; and not face. SO, the texture is a great treat to my skin to handle the toughness. 

The oily texture will not make the cream suitable for using on face. I do not want my face to attract dust and dirt. Thus, this cream is fit for using only indoors. I feel they have to mention it on the pack ‘indoors only’.

 Creme 21 All Day Cream Review Texture+skincare

Moisturizing power:

No doubt this is a heavy moisturizer. I am very happy about the thickness. But I do not know where to search for this very product when I hit the bottom of this tub. I am almost there. :-(.

This of course provides moisturizing for day long. 

On the whole this product performs in many of its department. Me definitely happy. :-).

 Creme 21 All Day Cream Review Hand Swatch+skin care

And yeah, if you remember my dry nails after I used colorbar nail polish remover, initially I used almond oil on my nails for repairing the dryness. And later on I found it convenient to use this cream on my nails. Yes, it has helped a lot. The texture of my nail seems to have recovered well.

Rating: 4.8/5

Pros of Creme 21 All day Cream:

Attractive color of the packaging tub.

Heavy moisturizer.

Thick textured cream.

Suitable for very dry skin.

Provides day long moisturizing.

Cons of Creme 21 All day Cream:

Not sure about the avilablity in India.

Not suitable for skin other than dry types.

Oily, hence not fit for use on face.

The cream leaks from the tub; not a travel friendly pack.

Recommendation: A huuuuuge YES. If you happen to see this tub, then grab it.

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