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Carrot Halwa Recipe

Do you need any reason to celebrate when you are simply happy without any reason. And if at all you have a sweet tooth, then definitely there need not be any reason for a sweet preparation at home.

So, is at Happiest Ladies. :)

It is time for Carrot Halwa. :). It is healthy too. Carrot Halwa (Gajar ka Halwa) is the typical Indian sweet made with all the Indian traditions locked in it.

carrot halwa indian tradition

Carrots (of course) :)
Dried fruits (cashew pieces and almond flakes)
Milk (optional)

grated carrot Indian sweet

Carrot Halwa Recipe:

  • Grate fresh carrot.
  • Note the quantity of the grated carrot. You will need at least  3/4th amount of sugar.
  • In a thick pan, heat homemade ghee and roast the dried fruits until they turn golden brown.  Keep them aside in a container.
  • Now, add the grated carrot to the same pan with some ghee. Fry the carrot for few minutes.
  • Then add sizzling hot water and allow the carrot grates to boil. Once half cooked add milk and cook further over low flame. (Boiling in milk can be excluded if you opt to cook in water itself.)
  • Once the carrot seems completely cooked, add sugar and keep stirring.
  • Continue stirring until sugar gets into the consistency of the thick sticky syrup and gets blended along with the carrot.
  • At this point add grounded cardamom and the roasted dried fruits. Mix well.

carrot halwa Indian recipe

Serve hot after food.

Here, Carrot Halwa replaces all the side dishes that are prepared for Chapathi. It serves as a perfect carrot jam along with Chapathi.

Do try Carrot Halwa. It is super easy.

Indian dessert carot halwa

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