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Lotus Herbals Opulence Eyeliner Review

The packing is so attractive, anyone would purchase it at the first look :).


Claims of Lotus Herbals Opulence Eyeliner :
·          Water Proof
·          Ultra Smooth
·          Botanical Eye Liner

Price and Quantity:
Rs 195 for 4g

Active Ingredients: Almond oil and Camphor


My Experience With Lotus Herbals Opulence Eyeliner :

Package:  The product is packed in a hard plastic bottle and dark blackish in colour. The bottle is too tiny but the stick is too long for the best grip. A special sought of look it has :).


Applicator: The applicator, from the outside looks to be very long but is actually short from within. The tip is conical and provides a very thin line over your eye lashes.  I liked this sought of tip because the space between my eye lashes and upper eye is very short. I should be very careful when I use brush like applicator as it spreads to my upper eye. But I had to join many small lines together to form a complete line , very time consuming :(.


Nature: The liner does not smudge and dries immediately when applied. Gives a cooling touch but the coolness remains for short span of time.  Gives a creamy black line over  your eyes  but after 2 hours it formed cracks and started to fall off.  
It had no side effects and rashes , a herbal eye liner.
The Waterproof quality is average, it lightens for some extent when you rub your eyes with moist hands.


Pros of Lotus Herbals Opulence Eyeliner:
  • Cute packing.
  • Conical tipped applicator which forms a thin line over your lashes.
  • Does not smudge
  • Herbal eye liner, no irritations
Cons of Lotus Herbals Opulence Eyeliner :
  • Not a good Water Proof product.
  • Forms cracks after few hours.
Rating: 3/5
Recommendation:  I would not wish to own this product. 

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