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Konkani South Indian Wedding

Marriage is a big day in life. The most awaited day in one’s life-time. Along with the D-day comes loads of customs, traditions, rituals, beliefs, blessings, the list does not end here. 

It is always a pleasure to know things which I have never known before. India is land of traditions and variety, multi-lingual, multi-religion, multi-culture, multi-tradition and so on. I get very excited when I get to attend events, as sort of new and very new.

I recently got a chance to attend a Konkani Wedding. There are a lot of happenings on stage and off stage, and of course back stage too. 

konkani wedding traditions

I could sense a lot of things from the entire scene happening on stage. The Konkani Groom, Konkani Bride, Konkani Bridal Hairstyle, Konkani Bridal Saree Style, Konkani Bride’s Mother, Konkani Bride’s Father, Konkani Groom’s Parents, the near relatives style of dressing, the maternal uncles’ role and  participation in the wedding rituals and arrangements, the Konkani Style Buffet, all these are worth  watching and capturing.

The Main Stage of the Konkani Wedding:

The Wedding venue is all decorated with color full flowers making the ceremony hall look very attractive. The focus lights add more life to the whole affair.

South Indian Wedding Stage

There seems to be like never ending rituals for the bride along with her parents. The pandit/purohit (read priest) makes the trio perform lot many rituals. Stand-do-sit-bend-bow-join hands; lot of things.
And of course, these lots of things do have a lot of meanings in them. There is reason and explanation for every ritual and tradition that is done.

konkani bridal rituals

Konkani Marriage Rituals

Konkani Style Marriage Traditions

The groom has lot of things to perform too. But something to note here is, until the actual Muhurtha (garland exchange time), it is either of the party on the main stage; bride with her parents or groom with his parents. When one is on stage, the other one leaves the stage.

When the Muhurtha time is nearing, the bride is brought to the stage by her maternal uncle. She holds the flower garland for her to-be-husband. There is a rally of her close relatives that goes along with her till the stage. By then the groom would have taken his position on the stage with garland in his hand. (But he is blocked from seeing the bride arrive. That is the tradition).

Konkani South Indian Wedding

The priests holds the Anthar Patha (thats the curtain). The groom is already standing behind the curtain, awaiting his bride to be on the other side (Ufff..please let that curtain screen go. He must have been dreaming of this day from long). When the curtain goes off, they exchange garlands. There, begins the journey together.

Curiuos onlookers at the wedding
Curious cousins at the wedding. !!!

guests at the Indian wedding

But the rituals are not yet over. Now, on, it the bride and the groom on stage doing as told by the priest.

Konkani Wedding Style

Meanwhile the guests are served bananas and sugar sachets. And when it is lunch time, all proceed to the buffet hall.

The menu at the Konkani wedding is just awesome. Dali Thove and Upkari is not to be missed. There is payasa, sweets, and lots. 

Dali Thove is basically thick soup made from Toor Dal. It is a perfect combination along with hot steaming rice. And Upkari is a dry side dish made of half split raw cashews and any of the vegetable and garnished with grated coconut. Yummm! (I missed clicking. Got very engrossed with their menu.)


The way in which a Konkani Bride wears her bridal saree is so very different. It comes a typical ‘Kacche’; a style where one end of the saree is taken from between the legs, brought upwards from behind and tucked at her waist from behind. 

konkani bridal saree style

She has no pallu to cover at the front. The pallu is wound around her waist and tucked again leaving a little to dangle from the side ways. And to cover her at the front a beige colored dupatta is used which is decorated with fancy ornates.

This dupatta, I believe is removed later at one point of time and the pallu wound to her waist is brought up to be worn at its original place.

konkani bridal hair style

Her hair do is also beautifully done with plaited jasmine flowers and roses in between.
And ofcourse decked up in all gold ornaments. This is India you see.

More Traditional Jasmine Hair style:

Jasmine takes the top most place in most of the hair styles here. The close relatives, cousins, sisters, sisters-in-law, aunt, all get decked up in jasmine and some optional roses.

South Indian  bridal hair style

Indian Jasmine hair style

Worth watching.


South Indians are very obsessed with silk; a variety of them. And so am I. The hues are excellent; very bright and eye catching shades of silk sarees. These silk sarees usually come in gold thread works in various designs.

Kancheevaram silk saree

Beautiful Indian silk sari

Boxed Silk Saree

silk saree
Looks like I only get to capture their back. Who cares. :)

Again worth collecting all of them.

I could not stop admiring these two little girls. They know nothing and have no intensions of knowing anything.

Indian Baby at India Wedding

Girl at Indian Wedding

The expressions say, ’Why did you bring me here. Let’s go to the play garden ’. Cute enough to bring smiles.

I enjoyed attending and eating.

I believe that I have not even covered 2% of the whole tradition. But, the dressing styles and main Muhurtha ritual was a must share for me. I am no expert in detailing the exact traditional rituals. Please correct me if I have mentioned anything that is not relevant. 

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