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Lakme Rose Powder 01 Soft Pink Review

There can never be a beginning into makeup world without the loose powders. This type of product is the first ones that would find its place in every body’s bag/table/drawer.

I have always had stock of Lakme Rose Powder and also that Lakme Compact Case Powder. I have no count how many times I have bought them.

Lakme Rose Powde Soft Pink+loose powder

Lakme Rose Powder comes in just 2 shades, one lighter and the other slightly darker. (Not sure if the brand  has made changes here.)

Lakme Rose Powder Ingredients+powder

My experience with Lakme Rose Powder 01 Soft Pink:

Package: A plastic wide mouthed tub with screw lid. The tub has a stopper with circular holes for the loose powder to come out of the tub. This stopper has place to hold the puff that helps in application of the loose powder.

Lakme Rose Powde Soft Pink Review+compacr powder

Nature: This is dusty and loose in nature. It absorbs oily texture form the face and skin. Gives a matte finish to the final look. This Lakme powder is not dry on the skin.

Lakme Rose Powde Review+compact case

There is a slight tint to the loose powder. This tint makes the application look very natural. It gives medium coverage to the skin when worn.

Fragrance: Nothing really special about its smell to be mentioned here.

Staying Power: This does not stay too long. But definitely can be used whenever required, even repeatedly. The best part is it does not give a ghostly look to the face. 

Lakme Rose Powde Swatch+lakme

Overall, I like this simple product for the way it is, easy to handle, easy to use, easy to re-use.

Rating: 4/5

Pros of Lakme Rose Powder 01 Soft Pink:
  • Easy handling package.
  • Travel friendly pack.
  • A puff is provided for application.
  • Gives a matte finish to the look.
  • Absorbs oily nature of the skin.
  • Gives a medium coverage to the skin.
Cons of Lakme Rose Powder 01 Soft Pink:
  • Does not stay too long.
  • Only 2 shades available in this range.
Recommendation: Yes, definitely. This is a must have product for those who like an easy matte application of the loose powder for the face.

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