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Fried Potato Dry Recipe

Aloo bhaji, palak paneer, Khaju masala , kurmas these are most common side dishes for chapatis and rotis. Here I have a dry sabji made of frying potatoes. This comes out to be crispy and spicy.

Fried Potato Dry

All you require is:
3 to 4 potatoes
Mustard seeds
Chilly Powder
Salt for taste

Wash and clean the potatoes.

Fried Potato Dry Step1

Peel the potatoes and chop them in the elongated shape. Let them not be too thin because they might shrink when fried.

Fried Potato dry step 2

Now take a deep pan and add ghee, jeera and mustard seeds. Wait till mustard splitters.

Now add chopped potatoes and fry them. Add more of ghee, let the potatoes fry in ghee.

Fried Potato dry step 3

Add turmeric and salt and mix them well. Keep on mixing well so that the potatoes does not stick to pan. Add ghee if required.
Let the potatoes fry till they be crisp. It might take around 15 to 20 minutes.

Fried potato dry step4

Once they are fried , take a spoonful of chilly powder and stir. Let the chilly powder be dressed to all fried potatoes.

Fried Potato Dry step5

Switch off the flame.

Fried Potato dry served with chapati

Fried Potato Dry is ready to be served with Hot chapatis or rotis.

Cook this and watch the number of chapatis your child eats :).

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