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Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask Review

I had been to my sister's place where I found her using this ayurvedic product. I tried it so that I review it to all happy ladies.


Claims of Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask:
Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 mask is specially formulated with chosen ayurvedic ingredients that help replenish essential vitamins and minerals working on 5 most commonly occurring skin issues like outer dark layer, uneven skin tone, dry rough skin, dullness and spots, giving flawless face that glows with health.

Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask Helps in 5 Ways:
  Repairs damaged cells making them healthy.
  Removes dull dead skins accumulated on skin’s surface.
  Lightens spots.
  Soothes dry skin.
  Improves skin tone. 

Directions for Use:
  Clean your face with Dabur Uveda face wash and apply the soft paste of Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 face mask on your face.
  Avoid the area around the eye and mouth. Let it dry for 10 to 15 min and wash off with cold water. Proven results: On application, post wash- visibly clear skin.



Price and Quantity:
Rs 185 for 100g, Shopping online has a offer of Rs 149 for 100g.

Shelf Life:  18 months

My Experience With Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask:

Comes in a standard plastic tube with a flip cap. The cap is not at all messy, it oozes out limited amount of product.


The product is greenish paste like, almost thick consistent. Has smooth texture without any granules in it. The ingredients listed are natural herbs and I too felt the same after using it. Small quantity is sufficient as it spreads neatly. It dries in about 10 minutes and rinses off easily. Does not stretch your skin nor any tightens up. My skin feels more supple and smoother. It gives a clean fairer complexion opening up pores.

I do not know about how it wipes out pimples and dark spots, as my skin has no such imperfections.


Pros of Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask:
  • Standard Hygiene packing.
  • Purely ayurvedic product.
  • Gives a healthy complexion.
  • Economic, cheaper when you shop online
Cons of Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask:
  • Ingredients lists of Parabens.
Rating: 3.5/5

Recommendation:  When it comes to ayurvedic products, Biotique is my first choice. Otherwise this is a nice product.

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