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AuraVedic Relaxing Body Massage Oil Review

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AuraVedic is an upcoming Indian brand which provides some of the best skin care natural and herbal products. 

Today I am reviewing body massage oil from AuraVedic which I have received as a sample product for using. The oil is mainly targeted for the relaxing feel while massaging. According to me the relaxing feel is got only when someone else does the massaging job. Self applying and massaging is never relaxing. Do you agree? So, a spa session with this massaging oil will definitely be relaxing. :).

Auravedic Relaxing Body Massage Oil

A transparent bottle with a white screwing cap. This cap is to be used with the flip open whole. 

The smell is wonderful. The one that is very relaxing to smell. Wherever the oil is put to use, that place becomes aromatic. You should try this oil mainly because of its fragrance.

AuraVedic Massage Oil

When applied, it gives a slight cooling sensing to the skin. Only for a short while, then it is gone. The consistency is thin. It moisturizes the skin very well. This has been my oil before bath every day now. Even after bath I apply tiny drops of this oil on my skin. I will empty this off very soon. 

This oil will make you skip your after shower moisturizer. But by the end of the day you will need your body moisturizer.

Auravedic Lavender Body Massage Oil

But in winter it has just got so thick that it would not flow out of the bottle. I have to keep the bottle in a mug of hot water before use. Then it would loosen itself. I will have to unscrew the cap and then tap for some oil to slip out of the bottle.

The oil is not clear colour. It is of pale yellow colour.

Overall, I like this oil mainly for the fragrance. I like the moisturizing part too. The winter hardening of the oil can be neglected, I believe. :).

Auravedic Body Massage Oil

Pros of AuraVedic Relaxing Body Massage Oil:

  • Very great relaxing fragrance of the oil.
  • Travel friendly pack.
  • Price is economical.
  • Natural, herbal, ayurvedic Indian brand product which we all should support.
  • Good moisturizing capacity.
  • Serves as an all purpose oil.

Cons of AuraVedic Relaxing Body Massage Oil Review:

  • The oil gets hardened during cold weather.

Rating : 4/5

Recommendation: Yes. Try the aromatic oil for use on the skin before or after bath.

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