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My Henna Temporary Tattoo Designs

Tattoos always fascinate me. I recently saw a girl with a tiny lion tattoo near her wrist watch. It reminded of me attaching those temporary peel able body stickers of mickey mouse and other cartoon caricatures on my arm as a school girl. It was simple fun then.

bridal henna design

I get astonished when I see people who get those permanent tattoos done. If at all at one point of time in life you decide for tattoo removal, then that is another trouble than getting the tattoo done. Ofcourse, there are ways to remove tattoo from your skin like laser tattoo removal treatment. Or you can take an appointment at tattoo removal denver s clinic ;). This is not possible for every one though. Looks like tattoo removal is a profitable business than inking a best tattoo. ;).

My intension of this boring blabbering is to point out that why not go for a removable tattoo or a temporary tattoo. You always have a chance to try more and more temporary tattoos designs when the previous one fades. Good idea right?

Now the girly nature in me is saying that henna tattoos are the best temporary tattoos. They are also the best as customized temporary tattoos, get the way you want it to look. 

Custom temp tattoos from henna can be anything you want just the way you get the permanent tattoo design ideas. It could be the usual bridal and Indian traditional henna tattoo designs or Chinese dragon tattoo designs too.

The typical girl tattoo ideas in me (henna only) knows only to do simple arts of creepers, fillers, checker board, peacock designs, flower designs, leaf designs.

Henna tattoo removal is also easy. If you want to remove the stain of henna color, rub your skin with a small piece of tamarind and wash. It will not vanish immediately. You will have to rub for a couple of times with time intervals in between. But you can get rid of it easily the day you decide for henna tattoo removal. Tamarind is the easiest and the best tattoo removal remedy .

Henna Tattoo Designs:

These are few pics of henna designs I made on different occasions. Simple and average filling designs, they are all the Indian traditional way of designs. I am not a professional henna artist. When ladies/girls who are in utter hurry and cannot get professional henna artist arranged, I am a friend in need. J. I have been a last hope of henna remedy for many girls, by now may be 50. :). No, I don’t charge a fee. It is just a help to all the dear friends and relatives to enjoy their occasion. 

Well enjoy the pics below. They are few of my works. I have never clicked my henna art work properly to keep a record for myself. Now on I will do that, a self promise.

Henna Tattoo Designs for Hands:

bridal henna design

mehendi design checkered boxes

spiritual ganesha henna design

henna temporary tattoo

mehendi design for brides

henna color tattoo

flower creeper henna design

bridal design henna tattoo

mehendi design bridal

 Simple Henna Tattoo Designs:

simple design mehendi design
simple henna tattoo

henna tattoo simple design

Simple Henna Designs for Feet:

feet bridal henna design
henna feet design

Are you a henna artist too? :) You need not be professional. If you know to do a flower and a creeper, then you are a henna tattoo artist too. 

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