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Dill Leaves Bhath Recipe(sabsige soppu chitranna)

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Dill Leaves or Suva in Hindi are famous for its aroma. The vegetable market smells of just these leaves J. They are called as sabsige in Kannada. The recipes from these fresh leaves including rice recipes or with combination of dals for side dishes are tasty and healthy too.

The rice recipe below is best for your lunch box. Fill one of your Tupper wares with Dill Leaves bhath and that’s all is your lunch.

Dill Leaves Bhath + South Indian Sambar


Dill Leaves
One cup cooked rice
Jeera, mustard , urad dal, groundnuts
Curry leaves
Red chillies
Grated coconut
One Lemon
Salt to taste
One spoon sugar


Soak peas overnight.

Pressure cook the rice and soaked peas in the normal way.

Dill Leaves Bhath + Madras Rasam Powder

Clean Dill Leaves and chop them into small pieces.

Dill Leaves Bhath + Easy Breakfast

Now take a deep pan and add spoonful of ghee. Now add mustard, jeera,  groundnuts , urad dal, red chillies and curry leaves.

Once the mustard splitters add chopped Dill leaves to the pan and fry them all in ghee for 5 minutes.

Now add half cup water to the pan. Also add boiled peas, turmeric, salt and one spoon sugar.

Dill Leaves Bhath + Indian desserts

Let them boil in low flame till the leaves softens.

After the leaves are boiled , add a bowl of rice to the pan. Squeeze lemon juice and grated coconut and stir them together.

Dill Leaves Bhath + Recipe for Idli vada

Dill leaves Bath or Sabsige soppu chitranna is ready.

I will come back to you for more gravies and side dishes of Dill Leaves.

Till then stay Happy!

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