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Update on Benefit Lipstick Giveaway (International)

The Benefit Lipstick Giveaway which was hosted here has officially come to an end. 

(Hoohoooooo ‘ending officially!’ I am sounding very office like and professional like. :P. Dramatic me. :P) 

I will need a couple of days to announce the winner. Before that I have to verify the entries. Thanks all for entering the giveaway.


I am off traveling to my native to attend my cousin’s engagement. So naturally expect a couple of more days of delay. I assure you about the winner announcement before this weekend, which means you all have a few days (read 2 or 3 days) more to enter the giveaway.

Yeah, I will still consider the entries if you enter even at this extended point. 

If you have not yet entered, here is a last chance. If you have already entered please spread the word. Follow the link here, Benefit Lipstick International Giveaway.

Thanks once again.

Stay happy. Keep visiting. 

PS: Are you seeing this post? Which means I am on my drive to my hometown, may be stopped in between for a nappy change or feeding my baby his porridge by roadside. :).

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