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Dove Beauty Cream Review

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The name “Dove“ itself makes you aware how mild the product must be J. Their bathing soap is still the mildest next to the baby products. My aunt on her return from Dubai, UAE bought this Dove Beauty cream. This product is not available in India so it was something new for me. The brand has such a beautiful nourishing cream that I was in a hurry to review it soon.

Dove Beauty Cream

Price and Quantity:  The tub is of 250ml, but really sorry I do not know its price. I searched for it in the online stores, the product is not available L

Shelf Life: 3 years

Dove Beauty cream


My Experience With Dove Beauty Cream:

Package:  Round flat pink coloured tub with a screwing cap. It has a foil paper sealing to prevent the leakage. The package is jar kind of and you have to dip your fingers , unhygienic for some extent.

Dove Beauty Cream

Nature:  Dove Beauty cream is a wonder product. The cream is pearl white and has very smooth texture. It sinks and spreads over your skin easily and makes baby soft.  Also my skin feels hydrated for long hours. Amount required is very low, I dip just twice which is sufficient for my face and hands.  No oily or greesy deposits.

Dove Beauty Cream

This is an all purpose cream and also a medication to your skin during harsh winters. The imperfections of your skin like tightening up and white cracks gets moisturized very fast and skin remains glowing nourished for long time. It suits all skin types including sensitive ones. The nature is so mild you can even use it as a baby cream at times.

Dove BEauty Cream

But the availability of this cream is the major problem. Dove beauty cream is not available in India, nor in online stores. You have to catch hold of your relatives and friends to shop it.

Fragrance:  Very mild .

Pros of Dove Beauty Cream:
  • Milky cream which moisturizes to great.
  • No oily deposits.
  • Spreads and sinks into skin pores.
  • Suits all skin types.
Cons of Dove Beauty Cream:
  • Not available in India
  • Tub like packing, not hygiene.
Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: This cream is wonderful and you get addicted if you use it once. Let the brand make it available in our country soon.

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