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Homemade Fenugreek Foot Soak

If you have always been using foot soaks or all the foot salts, then this might be of your interest.
This homemade foot soak is best if you are a gardener. Anybody can suffer from foot pain. Or if you prefer to be bare foot most of the day time when you move around you are likely to get all sorts of foot pains. Here is a recipe of an easy foot soak which is definitely a foot pain help.

foot care fenugreek leaves

Mild toenail fungus can also be treated with this homemade foot soak. I had assumed laser treatment for toenail fungus is the ultimate and effective remedy. But it need not be so. There are simple home mremedies too that help a lot.

You will need, fenugreek leaves, little water, table salt or crystal salt too can be used, lemon.

Fenugreek leaves skin remedies


  • Add all the fenugreek/methi leaves to a blender and crush the leaves with some water.
  • Squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl.
  • Add salt. 1 or 2 spoons will be usually sufficient.
  • Now to this bowl add the water of crushed methi leaves.
  • Mix well.
Your foot soak is ready.

Homemade foot soak

To use this, you will need hot water in a wide tub fit for dipping your feet. To the hot water add the prepared fenugreek foot soak. 

Let your feet be soaked until the water looses hotness. Do not rinse after you remove your feet from the tub. Just pat them dry.

Hope this was helpful.

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