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Beetroot Halwa - Dessert Recipe

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Beetroot is good for health. This is a known fact. Beet root benefits is a common topic which is reviewed in my mind every now and then when I am chopping of grating beet root.

Beetroot healthy desserts

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One of the best advantages of beetroot I have ever known is that it is the solution for constipation. It helps in bowel movement. And another is health benefits beet juice. Did you know about beetroot juice for high blood pressure?

I have liked most of the natural fruit juice. But vegetable juice has never crossed my mind so far. I have never tried beetroot drink so far. Could it be like any other fruit juice? Beetroot drink is to be made from raw beetroot or cooked beetroot? Of lot of queries in me about the beetroot drink and its juicing benefits. Yet to explore.

And I read somewhere beetroot salad recipes. It was raw grated beetroot. I should try that. Never had the idea of raw grated beetroot salad recipes.

Now, I have reached to a point of revealing what I just did with beetroot. It is Beetroot halwa. When we know there are so many beet root benefits, we should agree that beetroot halwa obviously makes into the list of the healthy desserts.


1 kg beetroot
Half kg sugar.
Milk (about 3 glass full)
Cashew pieces.

Beetroot halwa dessert recipe:

  • Grate beetroot.
  • Heat the thick bottomed pan and add all the grated beetroot.
  • Add milk until the beetroot seems to be considerably dipped in milk.
  • Boil over low flame.
  • Beetroot has to be cooked in milk over low flame.
  • When the milk is one the verge of being empty in the pan, the beetroot would have cooked completely. Verify if the beetroot has been cooked enough. If not add some more milk.
  • Beetroot has to be completely cooked before adding sugar.
  • Now add sugar. Continue on low flame.
  • Sugar will turn into sticky syrup. Once this happens, keep mixing so that the halwa does not burn.

beetroot halwa recipe
Sorry for the difference in lighting. These days light in my kitchen is too bad.

  • Add 2-3 spoons of ghee. This will add aroma and taste. For homemade ghee recipe, see here.
  • Fry cashew pieces in ghee and mix it to the halwa.

 Beetroot halwa is ready. 

This is an easy to cook desserts. It will need patience until the beetroot is cooked in milk. The whole recipe took about 2 hours to finish (that explains the different lighting images of the dessert recipe :) ).

Beetroot halwa dessert recipe

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