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Nyassa Fragranced Body Butter Alphonso Review

Winters makes me go nuts whereas my skincare regime is concerned. Although I manage to keep my facial skin well hydrated and moisturized regardless seasons but during winters I always use body butter to take additional care over all. 

Nyassa Alphonso Body Butter

I was using my regular body butter until I noticed this yummylicious body butter in my sister’s closet, it reads “Nyssa- Fragranced Body Butter” with “ALPHONSO” as the base ingredient (and now you know the reason why I said “yummylicious”)

Cost & Packaging: My sister bought this from an online store, a tub of 100 gms costing INR 600. Though the packaging is not so impressive but the tub is very easy to carry in a handbag.

Alphonso Nyassa Body Butter

Nyassa Body butter Swatch

Fragrance: The first thing that caught my attention was fragrance… Alphonso!! It actually smells like the fresh mango pulp during summers. A treat in every which way!!

Vitals: This body butter is non greasy (I don’t like greasy ones, draws dust all the time) and spreads on skin super smooth. 

Nyassa Fragranced Alphonso Butter

Nyassa Body butter Ingredients

Despite being non greasy I find my skin soft, supple and glossy for long time. Serves the purpose.

Rating: 4.5/5

Pros of Nyassa Fragranced Body Butter Alphonso:
  • Sweet / delicious smell of Alphonso is simply irresistible and also the USP of this product
  • Fragrance lingers for almost couple of hours on skin (until washed away)
  • Nourishes skin better
  • 100% vegetarian and against animal testing
Cons of Nyassa Fragranced Body Butter Alphonso:
  • Packaging

Winter essentials

Recommendations: I give this a Yes! worth trying once. If you wish to make your skin smell good while hydrating it then go for this fruity body butter.

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Guest Post by Varsha Joshi

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