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The Body Shop Mango Body Butter Review

I was not a customer of The Body Shop until my cousin gifted me this Mango body butter from her return from Canada. It claimed its for dry skin and in Bangalore the weather is so weird, that my skin peels off all seasons. It’s just a week I started using it.

It comes in round flat fibre orange coloured jar. The cap twists tightly close and there is no problem of leakage of cream. Cream within is white with a very little orange tinge. Sometimes  I get confused whether it is orange tinge or reflection of the jar’s colour. It has thick consistency and creamy texture which does not stick to your skin. Cream deepens into pores and does not give a greasy feeling. Your skin feels like hydrated which soothes and makes supple. It has fresh mango fragrance which is its most attractive part. It so much smells like mango, feels like real mango has been smashed and packed inside the jar.
My peeling off of skin is lot reduced in just a couple of days and my skin feels baby soft. It greatly moisturizers and not at all sticky.  Do not even produce white patches when unevenly applied. Simply dip your finger tips and its sufficient for your entire face. My jar feels like its unused, as very little quantity is required.  

Really this cream is worth buying. Once I empty it, will surely roam all around for this wonder cream else will try buying online. I really have no idea about its price since I was gifted and also there is no list of its ingredients in its pack.

Pros of The Body Shop Mango Body Butter:
  • Non greasy  non sticky cream.
  • Cute travel friendly jar.
  • Makes skin soft and fresh.
  • Really works on dryness.
Cons of The Body Shop Mango Body Butter:
I did not find any cons, except the tub like packing where your nails have to be dipped inside. But it negligible when compared to its pros.

Rating: 5/5
My recommendation:
Amazing cream which every lady has to try once. Once you try, mind it you will never want a change.
Along with Body shop mango body Butter, I even own Body shop sweet lemon shower gel and Born lippy which I will be reviewing soon.

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