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Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 62 Review & Swatches

I am so irregular with posting. I have so many things to share here. But, my days with my baby son are so unexpected, that I end up with nothing for so many long days on my blog here. 

And today I have another Inglot  Freedom System Lipstick Refill Pan. I hate the number system. Why can’t there be a name? It would have made my life easier with these round pans. I must admit that among all the other brands, I like Inglot the most when it comes to lip products.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 62 Refill Pan+makeup+inglots makeup

Price: Rs.250


My experience with Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 62:

Package: The package is the standard flat round pan of Inglot Freedom System. It looks very stylish and classy. I love these pans. They seem to be very precious.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 62 Review+inglot makeup+lip stick

Shade: The shade is numbered 62. The numbering system does not do any good to the shades of the lipstick. 62 is a bright brownish pink color. A small amount of lipstick is enough to show the actual color on the lips. I like it to wear it as a tint rather than full creamy lipstick.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 62 Shade Number+inglot cosmetics

Texture: The lipstick is very creamy. This is a well known property of Inglot Refill Lipsticks. It makes the lips soft and feels light too. But, when worn as a color tint, lips become a little dry. I believe this is because there is no enough creamy lipstick product used on the lips. So, the color tint tends to dry the lips.

Staying power: This is again varied version of tint and complete lipstick color.When the lipstick is used in very tiny quantity and spread across the lips, it forms a beautiful color tint. And when the lipstick is used as a full coverage product with 2 full swipes, then the color is no less beautiful. But the staying power varies. This tint stays on for long if compared to the fully double swipe of the lipstick.  The tint stays for at least 6 hours. While the creamy lipstick stays for about 3 hours.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 62 Color tint Hand Swatch+make up+lip color
 Color tint of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 62

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 62 Double Swipe Hand Swatch+inglot
Double swipe swatch of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 62

Rating: 4/5

Pros of  Inglot  Freedom System Lipstick 62:
  • Creamy texture.
  • Light on lips.
  • Full coverage of color.
  • Flat stylish pan.
  • Freedom system of shade selection.
  • Very cheaply priced at just Rs.250
  • Can be worn as a tint on the lips.
Cons of Inglot  Freedom System Lipstick 62:
  • When worn very little to form a tint of color, it dries the lips.

So, you have Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill Pan? Which shades?

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