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The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter Review

The Body Shop is making me want all of their body butters. After Mango Body Butter, it is the Moringa Body Butter that has made me happy. Any and all sort of body butters are welcome for the weather here in my place.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter Review+what is body butter

Package: A round flat tub made of excellent quality plastic. The tub has screw threading cap which opens up a wide mouthed tub container. And the product looks like fresh churned butter.

The cap has a sticker that shows flowery representation and details about the body butter. The proud prints on the cap are

“MORINGA BODY BUTTER. With Moringa seed oil to moisturize. NORMAL/DRY SKIN”

The bottom of the tub too has a sticker that can be peeled to get a glance of its ingredients.


The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter Ingredients+body lotion

Texture: Very creamy buttery thick skin product. The first look itself promises to give a good moisturizing to the skin. Since it is thick, it needs some rubbing on the skin to get thinned down and blended with the skin. Initially it a little oily and gives that shiny look to the skin.  But, dry weather makes the skin want of such body butters. So, does not matter if it feels a little oily on my skin. The oiliness however sinks in after a few minutes.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter+body butter

Fragrance: A very nice flowery scent, gives a pleasant feel of a flower being crushed and applied on the skin. The fragrance vanishes off soon though.

Staying power: keeps me skin hydrated good enough for half a day. And then I need to reapply again for moisturizing my skin.

Moisturizing power: Oh, yes! This is what the body butter is made for. It works amazingly well on  my skin. I feel supple and soft as long as this body butter is on me. I have had the same experience with TBS Mango Body Butter too. Looks like TBS body butters are very promising.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter Product Swatch+body butter shop

Moringa VS Mango:

  • Mango body butter is thicker in texture than Moringa body butter.
  • As the package says Mango is made for VERY DRY SKIN. Moringa is made for NORMAL/DRY SKIN.
  • Mango body butter looks a pure white butter. Moringa has a little tint in color.
  • I feel, oily skinned can avoid Mango body butter. Moringa body butter can be no better for oily skinned; but, it is at least good for applying to knees, elbows and feet. These parts of the body are usually dry and rough for everyone.
  • Of course the fragrance, they are differently flavored body butter. One if fruity and the other is flowery.

Price: For me this tub of 50 ml is again a gift. Looks like I receive a lot of TBS products as gifts. Yes. Really. :-).
Rs. 995 for 200 ml on medplusbeauty.com

Rating: 4.5/5

Pros of The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter:

  • A travel friendly tub. Available in 50 ml pack.
  • A good moisturizing body butter.
  • Helps dry skin and dry weather.
  • Smells very flowery in fragrance.
  • A small quantity of the body butter works well on the skin. Thus, the tub comes a long way.

Cons of Pros of The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter:

  • Skin feels a little oily initially on application.

Recommendation: I have had a happy experience with both the TBS body butters. I plan to buy some more. So, definitely a product that can be whole heartedly recommended.

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