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Mangoes for your Skin and Health

Mangoes have more than one reason to be bought i.e its health benefits.  Mangoes are not just to eat, it has miracles for your skin and health.


Mango for Pimples:
Pulp of Mango applied daily for 10mins gets rid of pimples and repairs skin giving a glowing skin.

Mango Mud Mask:
Soak 2 to 3 almonds in milk overnight. Blend half mango flesh, 3 soaked almonds and one tablespoon of oat meal. Apply this paste over face and neck till it dries. Rinse with water.
This mask makes your skin look young and fresh giving a clear complexion.

Mango Scrub:
Smash a mango to paste. Now add 2 to 3 spoon sugar, one spoon honey and milk to mango paste and mix them altogether. This paste can be used as a scrub to face , neck and all over body.


Health Benefits from Mangoes:
  • One medium sized mango has ¼ of Vitamin A which is required daily.
  • Mango is a good source of vitamin A,C and D. Also a good source of Potassium.
  • Fibre and Pectin content of Mango lowers serum cholesterol levels.
  • The fruit is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B1. Vitamin A improves eyesight and vitamin B1 boosts immune system.
  • Contains digestive enzymes to aid digestion.
Really pity on Diabetic patients who cannot eat this King of Fruits
This was all I knew about fresh juicy mangoes. It is my desire to prepare atleast one mango meal stuff daily till summer ends. 

My family is having a happy tummy with mangoes and me with my happy skin .

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