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Aroma Magic Pine Oil Review

Aroma Magic has good skin care products. Every other product is tempting. 

Package: A glass bottle with a red plastic screw cap. The bottle has a stopper with a tiny hole for the oil to flow out. Single drops come out only when the bottle is tapped.

Aroma Magic Pine Oil Review+essentials oils

Fragrance: Pine Oil has its own magical fragrance. So, if at all you are a person of fragrance then this is one fragrance which you got to test. It is very different from that flowery or fruity smell. The scent is just amazing, at one point it smells like Vicks Vaporub, and at another point of time it smells like turpentine.

I was not sure if I had to mention my thoughts about its fragrance. So, before I could reproduce it here, I just googled about Pine Oil. And what do I see there!!!!! ‘Chemically, pine oil consists mainly of cyclic terpene alcohols’. No wonder it smells a little similar to those floor cleansing disinfectant agents. :-).

Aroma Magic Pine Oil Packing+natural oils+pine oil disinfectant

However technically complicated this pine oil composition is, I like the smell of Aroma magic Pine Oil.

Texture: It is very very thin oil. It just evaporates almost instantly after it is put on to the palm. It is easily dissolved into anything you want. I usually add one or two drops into my face pack if I feel the urge for aroma.
Aroma Magic Pine Oil+essential oil

Since, this pine oil is a disinfectant; it could be good for acnes and pimples on skin. The package instructs to dilute the oil if you are using it directly. I have never attempted to dilute the oil. As mentioned, I only use a couple of drops in my face pack. Thus it will naturally be diluted along with the other items in the face pack.

Aroma Magic Pine Oil Description+fragrance oils

Price: Rs.50 for 15 ml

Rating: 3.5/5

Pros of Aroma Magic Pine Oil:

  • Nice fragrance (at least for me)
  • Disinfectant property.
  • Thins down and evaporates instantly.
  • Couple of drops into the face pack gives a very good soothing feel.
Cons of Aroma Magic Pine Oil:

  • Glass bottle.
  • Not a travel friendly pack.
  • Fragrance may not please all.
Recommendation: Not really. If at all you are a fan of aroma oil, then there are better options from SoulFlower or even The Body Shop. This is not bad either. :-P.

Happy ....Happy....Happy.... for all... :-)

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