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Aloe vera : A wonder cactus

Nature has gifted humans a magical world where every single stick here provides beauty or health benefits.  Aloe vera is one such example. It has long green flesh with thorns at the sides. The flesh contains thick gel inside which is multipurpose. Poor cactus which intakes very little amount of water and grows to its maximum. 


Suppose you grow an aloe vera cactus in your garden, within few days you can find the birth of many tiny cactuses at its surrounding. Same like a mother giving birth to her children. Watering just once in a week is  sufficient.

Since I stay in an apartment in Bangalore, I have planted aloe vera in a pot. To my surprise, even in pot I find small new cactus growing. Poor ones have no sufficient space to spread around in a mud pot. 

Removal of gel:
Cut the green flesh using a knife and remove the thorns from the sides. Peel off green cover where you can find thick gel within. This gel is too sticky. You cannot easily smash the thick gel using hands. Best way is to make a fine paste of it using a mixer and you can also store it in refrigeration. Whenever you slice aloe vera  remember to drain out yellow fluid from it.


Skin care from Aloe vera

Aloe vera for Skin glow:
The thick gel inside applied alone to entire face and neck regularly, removes all black marks and gives a glow to skin. 

Aloe vera for pimples:
Gel applied along with a pinch of turmeric and milk for about 10 minutes twice a week wipes away pimples and acne.

Aloe vera during winter:
Gel applied alone to skin and lips during winter works out for skin and lip cuts.

Aloe vera for sun burns:
Aloe vera  gel mixed with honey and tender water removes sun burns.

 Aloe vera for cracked heels:
Aloe vera  gel with a combination of rose water applied to cracked heels regularly soothes your heels within a week.

Aloe vera for ageing:
Combination of gel, milk and almonds prevents ageing.

Aloe vera for rashes:
Applying  gel and milk cream vasnishes skin rashes. This can be used even for your baby rash and summer boils. Also can be used as ultimate after shave.


Face Pack from Aloe vera for all skin types:
Mix aloe vera gel with Sandalwood and make a fine paste. Apply even to face and neck and leave for 10 mins. Continue this for once in two days for clean smooth complexion. 

Hair care from Aloe vera

Aloe vera as a conditioner :
Mix aloe vera gel along with mehandi leaves and crush them together. Apply neatly to hair and hair scalpe. This improves hair growth and acts as a very good conditioner. 

Aloe vera for Itching:
Mix aloe gel along with buttermilk. Take a cotton and rub it to hair scalp. Continue daily for 10minutes. Within a week itchy scalp cools down.


Aloe vera for Hair growth:
Take few hibiscus leaves. Crush them together with aloe vera gel and apply this hair pack once a week. Hair growth improves gradually with increased volume of hair.

Aloe vera for split ends:
Soak Fenugreek seeds overnight. Grind fenugreek seed and gel together and apply to hair roots and hair. This reduces dandruff and split ends. Also makes hair more blackish.

This is all I know About aloe gel’s skin and hair care, also I have tried these tips.

I have heard this gel can be taken as a drink and has too many medicinal value , curing many diseases. But I never tried taking for my stomach. If you really have experience with aloe vera gel drinks please do share with me.

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