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Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose Review & Swatches

Colorbar blush in Peachy Rose is my first blush which I bought during my wedding. Of course the first one expired. And this is my second pan. This blush is something which needs to be purchased every time it gets empty or expired, whichever happens to be the first. In my case, it is usually products getting expired.

Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose Review+peach blush

Price: Rs.375

Package: A circular round pan. The thickness of the pan is a lot more than the quantity of the blush. This is because it holds the blush brush and a mirror in a separate compartment below the blush pan. The actual blush pan is as thin as any blush refill product.

Colorbar Powder Blush Peachy Rose Pan+blusher

Blush Brush: The brush has fluffy bristles that are flatly arranged across the brush handle. The brush as said by many make up experts is not the excellent one. But I have not had any problem so far with its application. This is because; I don’t have any other blush brush. ;-P. Ya, I am not a heavy makeup user. But I do like to own a few things which I find attractive and use them occasionally.

Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose Mirror+makeup blush

So, what I mean is, a totally new to blush person can somehow manage with this brush. I am managing. :-).         

Shade: Peachy Rose is a peach blush. Some percent of pink rose is also there in the shade. But, on application it looks more of peach on the skin.

Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose Heavy Swatch+best blushes
Hand Swatch - Not Blended

Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose Blended Swatch+blush brush
 Hand Swatch - Blended

Nature: It is a smooth powder when picked up with its brush. In the pan the blush looks very smooth and silky. 

Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose Smooth Powder+blush cheeks

The so called satiny texture is also observed in this blush. If you pick up some blush with your finger tip, the blush does not fallout or does not even transfer easily anywhere else. There are very micron sized shimmers that are milled with the blush color. These shimmers are the  ones that give the satin look to the texture.

So, quality wise this is a very good one without any doubt.

Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose Silky texture+blush makeup

Staying power: I do not bother much about the staying power. Because, even after the blush fades, the cheeks are still glowy and the made up look is obviously visible. This means the blush leaves its traces where ever it has visited my skin. It goes off completely only if I wash my face.

Overall, an amazing product for all types of experienced and non-experienced makeup enthusiast.

Rating: 5/5

Pros of Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose:
  • Travel friendly case.
  • Satin, smooth and silky look of the blush.
  • Stays good enough and leaves traces even if it fades.
  • A good beginner’s blush with a good quality brush too for beginners.
  • Peachy Rose is beautiful peach shade which is attractive enough to be re purchased or even stocked up.
  • Excellent quality blush.
Cons of Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose:
  • The blush case is bulky for the quantity of the blush provided.
Recommendation: Yes. Peachy Rose is a must have shade from this range. There are more shades in the same category. No, I haven’t tried any other blush shade. But I will buy this again and again. I hope Colorbar does not discontinue this range of blush and also this shade. :-)

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