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Enliven Coconut & Vanilla Shower Gel Review


Claims of the product:

Moisturize the skin and care as it deserves. This deliciously fragranced shower gel with natural extracts of coconut & vanilla leaves your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. Directions: Massage over body to form a rich lather and rinse. Caution: If product comes into contact with eyes rinse immediately with clean warm water.


Price and Quantity: Rs 60 for 100ml


My experience with Enliven Coconut & Vanilla Shower Gel:

Package: Rectangular transparent plastic bottle with a flip tight cap. The liquid leaks out and is a mess around.


Nature: The liquid has thin consistency,  too runny. It flows down at a fast rate while pouring. Lathering power is medium.  Quantity required is quite more for one wash. It sticks to skin and requires lots of water to rinse out.  Does not produce cuts to skin and cleans dirt away.
Fragrance: It smells like coconut oil, not too happy with its smell.  Also the fragrance does not stay for long.


Pros of Enliven Coconut & Vanilla Shower Gel:
  • Clears skin making dirt free.
  • Does not produce skin rashes.

Cons Enliven Coconut & Vanilla Shower Gel:
  • Leaking package.
  • Irritating smell.
  • Does not act as it claims.
  • Sticks to skin.
  • Cannot be rinsed easily.
Rating: 3/5

Recommendation: I do not recommend this shower gel, waiting to finish it.

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