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Aroma Magic Neem Face Wash Review

So, here is another face wash. And before I say about this face wash; I have to confess that none of the face wash that has been reviewed on this blog so far has been emptied. Every face wash is still there with me with at least half of the quantity left. I keep juggling between them. Is this how it is with you too!!! I hope Yes. :-)

Aroma Magic Neem Face Wash Review+face wash

About Aroma Magic Neem Face Wash:

A special face cleansing formulation for acne, pimpled & oily skin. The anti-bacterial and healing properties of neem help skin disorders of acne, pimples, itchy & irritated skin. Removes blackheads & balances oil secretion to leave the skin soothing, clean & revived.

Usage: Pour on to palm, work-up lather, apply gently onto face, rinse off.

Price & Quantity: 
Rs.40 for 60 ml

Aroma Magic Neem Face Wash product description+best acne face wash

My experience with Aroma Magic Neem Face Wash:

Package: A pressing tube that is white in color. A flip cap that is red in color. The tube is soft and is easily press able for the face wash to ooze out.

Aroma Magic Neem Face Wash Clear Gel+face washes for oily skin

Nature: The face wash is a little runny if compared to most of the clear gel face washes. This face wash is almost clear in color and is a transparent thin gel like face ash. It foams well enough with the type of salty water present here.

Fragrance: The face wash smells a little bitter. This indicates the presence of Neem extracts in the face wash.

Aroma Magic Neem Face Wash Product Swatch+face wash oily skin

Since this is for skin with acne problems, it is best suited during summer. I reach for this face wash usually during hot sweaty days. During summer, this face wash has been very handy.

This face wash is made for oily skin. But I don’t have oily skin. So, I don’t use this face wash regularly. Neem might cause the skin to dry.

Aroma Magic Neem Face Wash for oily skin+oily skin

Rating: 4/5

Pros of Aroma Magic Neem Face Wash

  • A perfect product for oily skin.
  • A face wash suited for occasional use for dry skin.
  • Neem is a good disinfectant.
  • Lathers well.
  • Travel friendly tube packaging.

Cons of Aroma Magic Neem Face Wash:

  • A little bitter in smell, I don’t have any problem.

Recommendation: Yes. A face that has neem as its key ingredients is definitely a solution for skin problems.

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