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Did You Know About Garden Mint or Pudina?

mint leaves+pudina

We have already welcomed Rainy season to take a relief from hot prickly summer. But along with rain we also welcome cough and cold, fever, indigestion and skin allergies from rain water in these polluted cities. 

What to do?? Run to doctor each time??

You really need not :). Just grow a pudina shrub or garden mint in English in your garden or in pots. But the shrub requires watery mud all time the clock.

This Pudina contains Iron contents, oxalic acid and vitamin A, B,C.  Also you can find its medicinal value in ayurveda, Unani, China , Japan and also Greek.

Now go through its medicinal value.

Pudina for cough and cold in children:
Half spoon pudina water, half spoon tulasi water and 3 half spoon honey mixed well and given 3 to 4 times a day for children drives away cough and cold.
Pudina and tulasi water can be removed simply by squeezing the leaves.
This mixture given daily once prevents occurring of cough and cold and increases resistance power.

Pudina for cough and cold in elders:
Take one cup water and boil Pudina leaves, pepper, ginger and a small piece of jagerry.  Let it boil till water level decreases to half cup. Drain out the ingredients and drink the mixture after cool down 3times a day. This works out immediately for cold and allergies like dry cough.

Pudina for throat infection:
Add salt to pudina leaf and simply keep it in your tongue like a chocolate.  This works well for throat infection and itching.
Boil Pudina in water for 5 to 10 minutes. Gargle this water for 2 to 3 times a day. You will find throat relief. 

Pudina Tea:
Dry Pudina leaves in sun and mix them along with tea powder. Whenever you prepare tea , you can taste a flavour of pudina. This Pudian tea increases resistance against respiratory disorders.

Pudina for pains during Periods:
Boil Pudina leaves along with ajwain. Drink this water about 10 days before your period regulary. You will have a happy period :)
Pudina for Skin Allergies:
Squeeze Pudina leaves and mix them with turmeric. Apply to infected allergic area. This can also be applied to children.
Also rubbing fresh pudina leaf for small wounds and cuts heals faster. 

Pudina for Indigestion:
Boil 5 to 6 pudina leaf in water and add cardamom and sugar. Drinking this syrup reduces gastric trouble and indigestion.

Pudina oil for Joint pains:
Pudina oil (Peppermint oil) applied to joint reduces joint pains. 

How was it? Helpful? Try this for your family and stay happy :).

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