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Safe driving. Happy driving.

Are you a travel freak? We are definitely. Long drives are always welcome; long drives are always exciting; long drives are always fun; long drives give the much wanted break. Very importantly; long drives have to be very safe. As long as drives are safe, they are fun.

Indian roads, Indian vehicles, Indian riders, Indian drivers, Indian co-passengers, Indian traffic signals; all these are the main concern of this post.

Some thoughts below for four wheelers from the travel freaks on Happiest Ladies.
  • First things first – Always wear seatbelts. They really save lives. Also advice all your co-passengers to wear seatbelts. They are there to be worn!
  • Do never drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • Handle you vehicle with care. Do not only show the concerns for your own safety, but also show concerns for others. This way you feel good while driving.

driving rules+driving safety+i drive safe

Before ‘Get-Set-Go’ on Indian roads with Indian vehicles:

Adjust the driving seat position.
  • Be sure you are at the proper distance from steering and the pedals.
  • Make sure that the pedals are easily reached.
  • Ensure that you have a clear vision of the road.
  • Do not move too close to the steering wheel which would cause problems in easy steering.
  • Your foot should move smoothly from accelerator to brake while your heel is on the floor.

Some more initiatives before moving
  • Once you are in the vehicle, make sure that you have closed the doors properly.
  • Do not drive with the seat with the reclined or semi reclined position.
  • Turn on head lights during late evening or nights.
  • Adjust all the rear view mirrors so that you have clear visibility of the vehicles that come from behind. There is tendency for people to close the left rear view mirror. Do not do this! There is every chance in the road that vehicle over take from your left.
  • Do not stuff too many luggage in the rear parcel trays as they can obstruct your view.
  • Once the engine is turned ON, do not start moving immediately. Give a minute or so before moving.
  • Before you start look forward and back to confirm the safety.
  • Ensure that you have released the hand brake before you start moving.
  • Practice to get smooth coordination in using the clutch and accelerator pedals while starting to move.
  • Adjust your left and right rear view mirrors in such a way that you see ¼ th car body and rest the rear traffic.
  • Hold your steering in such a way that you face the left hand at 9 o’clock position and right hand at 3 o’clock position.
  • Do not let your hands slip off the steering wheel especially at moderate or high speeds.
  • Do not cross your arms while steering or turning.
  • Do not start off quickly as that will consume more fuel and can be harmful to the engine as well.
  • Keep your mobile away do not text during driving.
  • Keep all the video devices OFF if installed which would distract your attention while driving.

General rules (for Indian roads):

  • Follow traffic signals. Stop at stop light and stop signs and then proceed.
  • While you are in the intersection, be extremely careful to check that there no traffic coming n your way.
  • If you are moving to your right in the intersection, make sure that you reach the center of the intersection and then take right to your right lane in the right lane in the road you are entering (assuming that the road is a 4 lane). This would enable the traffic from your opposite side to enter into your path in the left lane.
  • Be aware of the blind spots in the intersection. Eg: if you intend to move to right in the intersection, and you find that a truck is coming from that direction, there is chance that another vehicle may be overtaking this truck and you may not see this as it may just behind this huge truck!
  • If you are moving to your left in the intersection, make sure that you hold on to the left lane in the direction you are entering.
  • Turn on your signals at least 25-30 meters before taking the turns.
  • Always keep a safe distance between the vehicles that is moving ahead of you to avoid rear end collisions.
  • Before entering the corner ensure that you have slowed down enough and you are in the right gear to take on the corner.
  • Always accelerate slowly and wisely the gear changes to avoid wear and tear and to save fuel.

Happy driving. Safe driving. May all the long drives be the happiest in every body’s life.

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