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Gooseberry Raita (thampuhulli in kannada):

I really did not know what to name this recipe. We call it as thampuhulli in Kannada. I simply named it as Raita as it contains curds. Please forgive me if its not matching and post me back its exact name if you have any idea of it.


Before I start with its recipe of gooseberry raita, I want to discuss about its nutrition value.
  • Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C which improves immunity from diseases and also infections. 
  • Gooseberry juice taken daily prevents occurring of cough and cold in children as well as adults.
  • Dabur chawanprash whose major content is Gooseberry given to growing children strengthens body and improves their height.
  • This Amla juice taken regularly in empty stomach makes your hair black and thick also prevents ageing. 
  • The best Amla juice according to me is from Patanjali.  It is really a natural product.

Now let me start with the recipe. I am sure you will try this out after going through its health benefits. Boil 2 to 3 gooseberries for about 10mins. After cooling down Store these boiled gooseberries in salt water in refrigeration for about 4days.Gooseberry is the only fruit whose vitamin content does not wash away while boiling. 




·         2 to 3 Boiled gooseberries.
·         One bowl curds
·         Half bowl grated coconut
·         Pepper, Jeera
·         Urad dal, mustard, curry leaves
·         Ghee
·         Salt to taste.


  • Destone the boiled gooseberries.
  • Fry Pepper and jeera with ghee for 2 to 3mins.
  • Take a mixer jar and make a fine paste of gooseberries, grated coconut, fried  pepper and jeera together.


  • Add the paste to a vessel and mix with curds.


  • Now take a pan and add ghee, mustard , urad dal, curry leaves in a low flame till mustard splutters.
  • Mix both together  and add salt to taste.


Stir them well and serve with hot rice.

This raita can be also prepared in other way round.

Cut the gooseberries into small pieces and fry them with ghee instead of boiling them. This can be done immediately when bought from market. All the remaining procedure is same.

But I usually boil them because I feel quite lazy to cut them into small slices :)

Try this, it hardly takes 15mins.This raita tastes well with rice. More than the taste is its nutrition value, that too for growing children.  

Your children grows well , then you are happy . Ultimately everyone is happy :)

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