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Diamond Pendant from Kalyan Jewellers

Hubby: You want to buy anything in diamond?
Wifey: Eh???
Hubby: What?? It is not a gift. You know I don’t buy gifts. You want or no??
Wifey (thinks): EEEEEEEEEEWCKK. So rude. You never know to surprise me….
Wifey: You sure about spending on diamond? You don’t want the money for closing off the car loan?
Hubby: I know my maths. If you don’t want any jewelry, no problem.          
Wifey: Err.... Yes, I want. Let us buy.

So, that’s the scene before we decided to set off for diamond shopping. :-P.

kalyan jewellers designs+diamond pendants+indian jewelry

I hopped from one-showroom to other, at least 4 to 5. Abharan, Jos Allukkas, Malabar, Bhima and finally settled at Kalyan Jewellers. All these are giant chains operating successfully ever where in India and even overseas. These are very famous in South India.

Kalyan Jewellers has great collections. Everything was tempting. If I could I would grab everything possible. But who will pay for everything. My hubby set a budget thing for me.

kalyan jewellers collections+diamond pendant+jewelry

I always longed for a single hooked pendant in diamond and ruby. The dashing reddish pink of ruby would be very attractive. But, all the ruby-diamond combinational pieces were too tiny for my idea of a pendant. I had to zero upon this emerald-diamond piece. No regrets though. This is very unique and has its own beauty.

jewelry designs+indian jewelry

In the entire design, I like the star and tear shaped drop at the bottom of the pendant. The duo just add to the length and also fancy the entire design.

diamond a pendant+pendants

The staffs there are all from the male gender. I wonder why!! They have their own set of priorities and requirements. Though male staffs, they have knowledge of every single details of what they are dealing with. That’s professional training you see!

We had great experience in shopping with them. They showed us everything possible; in the budget, out of budget, in my taste, out of my taste.  Not just pendant, every other jewelry I asked for to see. The lady factor in me tested the patience in them. :-P.
I bought this in the mid of April 2013 (about one and  a half month ago)
The pendant costed 140K Indian Rupees.
And the 18k gold chain costed about 10K Indian Rupees. (A little more or less. cant recall the exact figure)
So, on the whole everything was billed for an estimated sum of  Rs.1,50,000.

indian jewelry online+designer jewelry+jewelery

So, on to some technical details about today’s piece of jewelry. The staff there explained lot of things about the piece I was about to buy. Now, it has just vanished from my happy brain.

Yet, putting together some terms from the certificate which has been provided along with the pendant.

DESCRIPTION        :One Yellow Gold Pendant, Partly Rhodium Plated, Weighing In total 7.04 g,                                     Containing One Hundred Forty Five Natural Diamond(s).
SHAPE/CUT             :Round Brilliant.
TOTAL EST. WT     : +- 1.45 Carat.
MIN. COLOR          :E – F
CLARITY                 :WS
Woooh…. Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat; these are the 4 C’s about a Diamond. I have been provided with a booklet that explains the basics about the 4 C’s of a diamond. If you want to know more, I shall share.

So, for now, enjoy the images of the pendant. :-).Thanks for reading.

A hanging beauty below. :)

jewelry pendants+jewelry stores

emerald jewelry+kalyan jewelers

For the official site, follow the link, KALYAN JEWELLERS

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