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Panty Liners, a feminine product of today's generation.

There are so many feminine products these days. Panty liners are one product that has gained much popularity.  Are panty liners your best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For me they are just friends; not best friends. 

panty liner+what is a panty liner

If you are new to the word ‘panty liner’; then it is obvious that you have this in your mind
What is a panty liner? And what are panty liners for? Right?

Here, this writing speaks about few facts and details about all that I know about panty liners.

What is a Panty liner?

In simple words, it is a line in the panty. Do you get that!!! It is the same idea as that of the sanitary napkins that we ladies use every month during periods; but, a minor version.

Panty liners are much thinner and narrower than the pads. They are designed for more comfortable use. 

They are so tiny and packed into even more tiny packs. They slip in into any wallets or clutch purses. They can be carried along everywhere. Panty Liners are usually made of organic cotton which is the best choice.

panty line+feminine products

How to use?

Panty liners come with a peel able sticker that covers the glue. Peel the paper sticker and sick the panty line on the inner side of the panty.

When to use a panty liner?

There are few circumstance I keep in mind to use panty liner.

  • The main use is when in the time of spotting. The 4th or 5th day of the monthly periods have very little flow.  The sanitary pads are too much for the very little flow. This is where panty liners come handy.
  • Another use is when i know my periods date is nearing and is very close. And yet I have to go out roaming or attend a event. Slipping in a panty line is the best idea to be safe. This will save me for the time being and give me enough time to change in to my regular heavy flow pad. Note that panty liner does not provide safety for long.
  • While on tours, these are the best bet for hygiene purpose. You never know when you have access to laundry next while roaming around the earth for days together.
  • Those days when there are more vaginal discharges. This will avoid the feel of being wet. A little discharge is common, but when the flow gives the wet feeling, then the panty liners are the best solution.

Panty liners+what are panty liners for

Panty liner every day, is it safe?

Many ladies and teenagers use panty lines every other day. This is the idea of hygiene. And the usage turns into habit and of course creates a comfort zone.  But, this can also become problematic.

The discharges are always there on the layers of panty lines and they are in contact with skin/body. This might lead to infections too.

And the ventilation issue is always there. The breathing space is closed if pant lines are used every single minute.

If at all scented/perfumed panty liners are chosen for daily use, then there is high chance of allergy or infection.

Some pointers to note:

  • Do not use panty liners unnecessarily; use them intelligently.
  • Use the panty line as a safety product.
  • Change the panty lines every couple of hours.
  • Panty liners cannot handle heavy flow of the menstrual cycle.
  • They are packed into small sleek packs, thus can be slipped into the tiniest pouches in the bag/purse.
  • Do not get carried away by long use panty liners. Such products are not a good choice.
Happy using Panty Liners. Safe using Panty Liners. :-).

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