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Pink Stone - Gold Artistic Rim Pendant

It is so very obvious that ladies are born with jewelries in their genes. And so am I. I love anything and everything in gold. And here is another piece of gold design. It is a semi precious pink stone held in artistic designed rim of gold.

Pink Stone Gold Artistic Rim Pendant+the stones jewelry

This pendant has some sentiments attached along with it. Ladies are real emotional fools when it comes to gold. :-P. I have a short narration of how sentiments keep flowing from generation to generation when it comes to gold and traditions.

Story No.1: My mom and her mother (I mean my grandmother)
Story No.2: Me and my mom.

Semi precious stone gold pendant+crystal jewelry

So get ready for the emotional sentimental story narration session. :-P

Emotions and sentiments hidden behind the pink and gold -

It so happened that my mom had received a small scholarship amount of cash when in her higher school days. To that amount, my grandfather added some more money and bought a red stoned pendant (similar one as shown in this post) for my mom. My mother treasured the jewel like a huge life time fortune. But, unfortunately for various reasons it could not be a part of her bridal jewelry collection. And I believe this left behind a scar in my mother’s mind.

pink stone 22k gold pendant+indian wedding jewelry

And then eventually, after I was born, as a tradition, everybody blessed me with tiny amounts of money. The figure, it seems tiny now. Around 28 years ago (I revealed my approximate age. :-P), people blessed the new born baby with money ranging from Rs.10 – Rs.50. Yes, my tiny fists were stuffed with rolled notes of Rs.10 or some multiples of 10. And my mother collected and collected all those blessings. And one fine day she converted the collection of blessings in to this beautiful piece of pendant.

My mother has faint memories of the gold weight and the price of this pendant. She says, the gold net weight is hardly upto 4 grams and it costed roughly about Rs.700-Rs.800 then….. !!!!!!!!!!!! :-O. That is all !!!!!!!
No idea why she bought a pink stoned piece instead of red stone. And surprisingly, pink is my favorite color. And as it had to happen, I used this firs jewelry of mine like crazy throughout my pre marital days.

gold design stone pendant Indian design+indian gold jewelry

And can you believe…. My mother did not want to include this piece of jewelry in my bridal jewelry collection. And now, this was sure to leave behind a scar in my mind. History repeats. .!! :-P.
But I am over smart. I made sure that my mother gifted me this pendant on the first Deepawali festival that was celebrated after my marriage. So, here is my treasure with me. :-)
So, that’s the story of the double emotions behind this piece of jewelry that spanned for a couple of generations. :-)

More Information:

Some more information, this pendant was bought from Swarna Jewellers. They have their showrooms in Mangalore, Udupi, Hubli, Bangalore (Mostly in Karnataka, India). They are very famous for their typical traditional designs.

Find more here.

Stone: The pink colored stone is a semi precious stone.
Gold: 22k.
Design: A single hooked pendant with a large pink colored semi precious stone set in gold. The gold rim is designed in a very artistic manner. The design in the gold makes the stone more attractive.

22k gold pendant Indian design+south indian jewellery

pink stone gold pendant+native indian jewelry

Enjoy the images. Stay Happy.

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