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White & Red Stone Studded 18k Gold Bracelet

White and red is one of the most beautiful color combinations I adore. Actually white goes well with any other color.

american diamond & red stone studded bracelet+stone bracelets

I have a lust list of white and red.

  • A white salwar suit with red border.
  • A white silk saree with gold and red zari border, the typical South Indian Silk saree style
  • A white and red fancy chiffon saree.
  • A pair of bangle that has series of sparkling diamond and red ruby arranged alternatively. (This wish cannot be granted anytime soon. Because I recently purchased a Diamond-Emerald pendant. :-( )
  • My list will go on and on.

As for now, I should be happy with this one bracelet I own. :-P

white red stone studded bracelet+american diamonds

Now, if you are about to ask which jeweler I bought this from; I seriously do not know anything. I have been using this from the time I have been loving jewelries on me. May be from the age of 10 or so. 

Yeeeahh….. I am a girl…… :-). I am so happy.

I have no much technical details about this piece of jewellery. No idea of weight, No idea of cost, No idea of place of purchase.

white red stone studded 18k gold bracelet+gold bracelet

The only information I have is; 
- the white stones are not diamonds,
- the red stones are not rubies, 
- the metal is 18k gold (yes of course real gold
So that makes the title White & Red Stone Studded 18k Gold Bracelet.

I like the way the gold frame is patterned around the series of white and red stones. The bracelet is flexible and it goes along with all my outfits. This is one piece where I do not bother if there is no color matching with my outfit. 

white red stone bracelet+stone bracelet

My favorite easily worn piece of jewelry. 

So, what do you feel about the white and red combination.

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