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Chicco Baby-Moments No Tears Shampoo Review

Chicco has their unique formula for shampoo; of course baby shampoo. :-). This brand gives so many wonderful baby care products. I have stuck to this one band for long now. Initially when I was unaware of Chicco barnd, I have used some Johnson baby products and Himalaya baby products. But, now it is Chicco all the time. And I also keep stock of the products I need for my baby. 

Chicco Baby-Moments No Tears Shampoo Review+baby wash

About Chicco Baby-Moments No Tears Shampoo Review+baby shampoos

Package: There is a standard style Chicco follows for all the bottled products. The baby bath, baby oil, baby shampoo, baby lotion of various quantities comes in the same shaped bottle. The bottle is made of good quality with a pressing cap. The cap can also be threaded to open completely.

Chicco Baby-Moments No Tears Shampoo Cap+baby shampoo

Nature: It is like clear water to look. A little thicker than the water. That is how it gets differentiated from water consistency. The soapy feel for washing baby’s air is perfect. It foams the right amount. I have been diluting the bath product every time so far. And even now, out of habit I do the same with Chicco Shampoo. But, diluting is actually not necessary. This shampoo is very mild.

Chicco Baby-Moments No Tears Shampoo Review Swatch+baby care products

Fragrance: It has a mild fragrance. When this shampoo is diluted with water, obviously the fragrance too gets more or less vanished. This shampoo has not created any problem so far for my baby (Touch Wood. :-P). 

I have been using some more Chicco products. I am satisfied with every product of them. They print in great confidence about their products being ‘PARABENS FREE hypoallergenic CLINICALLY + TESTED’. 

Chicco Baby-Moments No Tears Shampoo+formula for shampoo

Price: Rs.149 for 200 ml

Rating: 4.5/5

Pros of Chicco Baby-Moments No Tears Shampoo:
  • Water like Shampoo product.
  • Very thin consistency.
  • Can be diluted further with water.
  • Very mild fragrance.
  • Foams perfectly for a baby’s hair wash.
  • Easily washed with water.
  • Easily available on many online baby shopping sites.

Cons of Chicco Baby-Moments No Tears Shampoo:
  • Not all stores stock Chicco baby products.

Recommendation: Yes. All new and experienced mothers can easily shift to Chicco Baby-Moments No Tears Shampoo. This will be fit for toddlers and little older children too. 

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