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Nilgiri's Flavored Yoghurt (Pineapple and Vanilla)


Nilgiris Flavored Yoghurt Frozen+yogurt recipes

I just had flavored yoghurt that too chilled, super frozen. The yoghurts made from real fruits in exotic flavors. If you have heard of Nilgiri’s stores, then you know what to buy from their dairy product range. Nilgiri’s yoghurts are never to be missed. All flavors are too slurping and licking tasty. You will forget yourself when you have a bowl of this flavored yoghurt.

Nilgiris Flavored Yoghurt Review+how to make yogurt

They are best enjoyed when they are partly melted and pertly frozen. I mean bring out a completely frozen yoghurt tub from the freezer. Keep it for about 5 minutes. This 5 minutes interval will make some of the parts in the tub to melt down. But the inner most yoghurt in the tub is still rock hard in frozen form. Now, dig in with a spoon that picks up a little of melted yoghurt and a little of hard frozen yoghurt.

Nilgiris Flavored Yoghurt Pineapple+making yogurt
Nilgiris Flavored Yoghurt Vanilla+yogurt recipe

This is one heaven feel in the mouth….............;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Speaking about the taste, it is more on the sweetened side with the flavor add-ons. There is also a very tiny amount of sourness that brings in the real twist in the taste. Textual explanation will not do any justice to the taste of Nilgiri’s Flavored Yoghurt. You definitely got to buy these at least ones. Then on you will keep returning to the dairy products of Nilgiri’s. That is my promise. :-)

Nilgiris Flavored Yoghurt Nutritional facts+dairy products

I had both Pineapple and Vanilla flavored yoghurt. There are more flavors, Strawberry, Green Apple and a couple of more flavors. This weekend is so full of chilly desserts in my refrigerator. I have something more to show in coffee - almond - dark chocolate cookies. You wait. That is again mouth watering.

These bowls of packed yoghurts are priced Rs.19.

About Nilgiri’s

At the heart of great taste. Since 1905.

Nilgiris is South India’s leading chain of retail stores providing consumers a shopping experience that hinges around freshness of produce, superior quality and better value. From humble beginnings in the hills around Ooty and Coonoor at the turn of the twentieth century, Nilgiris has grown from being a Dairy Farm specializing in butter to a supermarket chain of over 90 stores spread across India’s southern states.

Read more about them here.

I am in no way associated with the brand. I am a big fan of their dairy products. That is it.

Stay happy. Enjoy. :-)

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