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Natural Ways to overcome Blood pressure.

Did Blood Pressure knock your door steps?? I feel ‘yes’ is your answer.
In today’s date almost 90% of the generation is  attacked by Blood pressure during the age of 35 to 40. This Blood Pressure turns to failure of heart and Brain Strokes.

What might be the reason around this? All these life risky diseases were not into picture almost 2 generations before us.  Reason is just before our eye,its nothing but our work life.

Of course Science has medication for all diseases, but what I say is , a small twist in our daily routine will vanish the root for all disorders and also avoid the intake of drugs.

Listening to Soft Music:
Listening to light Indian classical music calmly for about half an hour in a day, and try taking deep breathes while listening to music. This cools down your mind and relaxes body.

Avoid Drinking Strong Coffee:
Try drinking decaffeinated  coffee which reduces hypertension. Also try to replace coffee with other beverages. 

Practice of Yoga:
Try practising Yoga and meditation (Pranayama)  early mornings regularly. This makes mind and body fit and increases circulation of blood to entire body. Also meditation lowers stress and hypertension.
Go for a walk before going to bed at night. 

Reduce usage of Salt:
For an individual  3/4  of the table spoon of salt is sufficient  for a day. Reduce if your intake is more.

Intake of vegatables and fruits:
Around 350gms of vegetables is required for a person daily. Drinking of leafy soups and fresh juicy fruits lowers blood pressure risks. Stop eating of junk items.

Drink Tea:
Intake of tea 3 times a day instead of coffee keeps you healthy. Green tea and Lemon tea is the best option which increases metabolism.

Lower your work:
Do not work all around the clock. This increases blood pressure level at the very fast rate. Do not work for more than 40hours in a week which leads to hypertension.

My sincere advise please follow these , not for your sake but for your family.  Lower the risk of diseases and stay happy with your family.

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