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MUA Gel Liner in Underground Review & Swatches

Eyeliners and kajals are part of a happy ladies’ life. They move around with us every where we go. As time passed with me involving in beautifying makeup products, I got to know the various types and categories of a product.

I only knew about liquid eyeliners being used. I was so surprised to know about the pencil eyeliners and then later on gel eyeliners and then cream eyeliners. I am still learning, learning and still learning. For years (over a decade may be) I have been using only Lakme Insta Eyeliner. Many of us started with that. Now, I just tried a Gel Liner from MUA.

MUA Gel Liner UnderGround Review+gel liner

The transition from Liquid liner to Gel liner is a little cumbersome. And in the first use it can make you to  push the liner away from you. That is what happened to me. And subsequent trial and error (of course at home) has given me some usage control over this MUA Gel liner.

Package: The packaging is something that is well planned. It houses the creamy gel and the application brush intelligently. The jar is transparent that shows the gel liner clearly. The cap has an elongated tube like structure on the top with a hole. The brush is hidden upside down inside this holed tube.

Gel Liner Brush: It is a stiff brush with densely packed bristles. The stiffness is just right to pick up the required amount of the cream. 

While using it for the initial few times, the application with this brush was always a mess. The cream would not glide completely on the lash line. And subsequent swiping for more strokes would create flakes of dried black liner.

Nature: It is a thick cream when picked up. But it dries off in a jiffy of time. There is opportunity for just one time swiping. A second swipe will definitely give bits of dried black particles removing out the first line. 

MUA Gel Liner UnderGround Jar and Cap+best eyeliner

On the whole, I am trying to convey that only experts with hands on experience with gel liners will be happy using this gel liner. I am still having a tough time. 

Pigmentation: Not a great view here. When I have been a great devotee of liquid liner that too Lakme Insta Liner for ages, MUA Gel Liner fails to impress me in its darkness of black color. It is a dull black with no sharpness in it.

Staying power: It would not make any sense talking about the staying power of this liner at this point of time. I am still not comfortable applying this cream liner. The final look on the eyes is not as impressive as it should have been.

MUA Gel Liner UnderGround Single Swipe hand Swatch+gel eye liner
Single swipe hand swatch

MUA Gel Liner UnderGround 3 swipes hand swatch+gel liners
3 swipes hand swatch (observe the bits of gel eye liner that has come out due to additional swiping)

Availability: MUA products are not so easily available in India. Either you to buy online from their official site and pay crazy shipping amount; or you have to make your friends/relatives buy these for you. I prefer and do the latter one.

Price: £3 if bought on the MUA site

Rating: 3/5 from a beginner with gel liners.

Pros of MUA Gel Liner in Underground:

  • Interesting package.
  • Transparent package that gives the idea of the gel liner quantity and color.
  • Thick creamy texture.
  • Dries very quickly, thus prevents from smudging around the eyes.
  • Some more colors available apart from black.

Cons of MUA Gel Liner in Underground:
  • Not a dark pigmented of black color.
  • Since it dries quickly, you have to act very fast in applying the liner.
  • Second swiping will flake the first line of application.
  • Not a worth product for eyeliner beginners.
  • Not available easily in India.

Recommendation: If you are well versed with liquid liners then you may give it a try for a change. If you are still a beginner with eyeliners as a whole, then forget gel liners. It is better you start with pencil liners, then slowly shift to liquid liners, and then if needed thin of Gel liners.

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