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Chitranna; a lemony taste from Bangalore in Karnataka.

You vegetarian??

If for once; all the vegetables gets vanished from this earth! What would you do? I mean all the veggie species gets extinct…. “Shock. Shock. Shock. :-O”.

I don’t think vegetables vanishing thing can ever happen any time soon. :-). I am just trying to make you imagine a situation where all the stocks of vegetables in your refrigerator has gone down to zero. The day will just be so irritating. What to cook! What to give your hubby for lunch! What to feed your kids.

Idea…………………. :-) !

“Chitranna, Chitranna,
Chitra ,Chitra, Chitranna.
Chitraaaaaaannaaaa, Chitranna.” 
(That’s a song in Kannada film industry. Ha ha ha. Upendras song Chitranna)

South India Nimbe Rice+easy recipes+rice cooking

Chitranna…that is Bangalore’s favorite food. People here are ready to have chitranna any time of the day, for breakfast, for lunch, for brunch, for snack time, for dinner. All time ready. :-).  Not just Bangalore, it is mostly everywhere in South India.

·         Rice (Boiled)- 1 cup
·         Jeera – half spoon
·         Sesame- half spoon
·         Urad dal – half spoon
·         Ghee or cooking oil – 1 spoon
·         Red chilies – 2
·         Turmeric powder – quarter spoon
·         Grated coconut – 3 spoons
·         Few coariander leaves
·         Few curry leaves
·         Ground nuts – about 2 fists
·         Jaggery – according to your sweetening taste. We at home usually like everything sweet
·         Salt – as per your taste.
·         One lemon

Now, on to the procedure. Very easy. Very simple. No vegetables. Ready in minutes.
  • Prepare the usual daily rice and keep it aside.
  • To a hot pan, add half a spoon of ghee or cooking oil.
  • When the ghee/oil is heat, add sesame and  jeera.
  • After the sesame starts spurting, add urad dal, groundnut, red chilies and curry leaves and let it fry for some time.

chitranna recipe+rice meals

  • Now add turmeric powder.
  • Add jaggery. Add some water too. Else, the jaggery will get burnt in the pan.

chitranna recipes+recipes for rice

  • After all of the jaggery has been dissolved into a thick paste, add some pieces of coriander leaves and salt.

lemon rice chitranna recipe+recipe for rice

  • Now, turn the gas fire off and add the boiled white rice. Add little by little and mix well.
  • Now, add lemon juice and grated coconut and again mix well.

how to make chitranna+rice dish recipes

There, Chitranna is ready.

Today, all  the vegetables had vanished from my home. :-P. And this is what I served and survived. Chitranna and Mosaranna . (Mosaranna is rice and curds together).  

A happy mother-wife makes a happy son and a happy husband. ! What say. :-)

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