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Do you want a Baby Girl !! I want...

A baby’s outfit is made very special with cute little attractive accessories. There are so many choices and options. Tiny soft toys attached to the center of the T-shirt, animal face attached hats, tiny funny cartoon shaped shoes, and the list goes on never ending.

Baby girls have more choices and always are so very cute however they are. Now, at this point of time I am so very jealous of mother’s who are blessed with daughters. Hair clips and head bands are the cutest accessories I happened to see recently and just felt “Oh Goood!!! Why did you give me a baby boy!”

Blue Girl hair Band+baby girl or boy+headbands
I want a baby girl :-)
I went purchasing baby stuffs for my son. Right now he is 7 months old. :-). Those usual stuffs, economy pack of diapers, a replacement of feeding bottle nipple, teether,  baby care wipes, restocked some chicco products; and this is again a never ending list. :-P. And there I saw a hot-stylish-beautiful-mother picking up hair accessories.   


Now I want a daughter. I swear I will dress up my son like a girl. I have never felt this way any before. I only prayed for a healthy baby. But I feel all of you there with a daughter are the luckiest ones.

I am suddenly so bored of his shorts, shirts and usual pants. Damn I miss buying those girly dresses.
I could not resist buying a few of girl’s hair accessories. Just thought of sharing a few kids’ hair accessories here. 

Hair Clips and Head Bands

A red shiny star attached to a tiny red hair clip.

Red Star hair Clip+hair accessories

 Purple stones on a purple net flower was just very colorful to my eyes. The hanging in the middle was too cute.

Purple Stone Flower hair Clip+baby hair

This peach rose hair clip was so beautiful, I could not help but add it into my basket.

Peach Rose hair Clip+hair accessories flowers+girls hair accessories

This blue clip with tiny bow was not too attractive for me. But It came along with the head band (see the next image.) I badly wanted the head band. The head band would not part itself from this blue clip.

Blue Bow hair Clip+hair bows

The girl cartoon attached along with this hair band seems so innocent. Not just the face, have a proper look. It has a cute dress and made to hold a tiny blue rose. :-). 

Blue Baby girl hair band+want a girl baby+hair accessory

The combination was just perfect for a girly day. Pink, orange and blue.That's how this flowery strawberry hair band found its place in my basket.

I can never ever imagine my son wearing this color combination. :-(

Strawberry Hair band+hair clips accessories

Strawberry on flower Hair band+flower hair accessories

What do you feel? Baby girls are exciting or baby boys? :-)

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