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South Indian Bread Fruit Dosa


South India has a collection of dosa like Rave Dosa, Ragi Dosa, Maida Dosa, Wheat Dosa, Rice Dosa which is quite familiar to everyone’s tongue. But have you heard of Breadfruit dosa?? 

 Hmmmmmm  too yummy yummy and mouth watering crispy Breadfruit dosa. I bet  no one can eat just one.
I have the recipe for you and its quite simple.
1 bread fruit of medium size
I cup rice
½  spoon Methe
½ spoon Jeera
3 t0 4 spoon urad daal
1 spoon  corriander
3 to 4 red chilli
6 to 7 spoon of jiggery
½ spoon tamarind
2 bowl coconut
Salt to taste

  • Soak rice for about 2 hours and keep aside.
  • Take a pan and add 2 spoon oil. Fry urad dal and methe separately.
  • Take a mixer jar and grind coconut, tamarind, red chilli, Corriander, jeera, fried urad dal and methe  together and make a fine paste of it. Keep this paste in a separate bowl.
  • Now grind soaked rice by adding water in a mixer jar finely.
  • Now mix both mixture together. Add jaggery , turmeric and salt to taste. Dosa mix is ready now.
Breadfruit Dosa mix+dosa pan

 This Dosa mix should be prepared previous night. Do not store in refrigeration so as to generation of yeast.
Next morning, remove outer cover of Breadfruit and cut into small pieces and dip them in water for about 10mins.
Preparation of Breadfruit Dosa:
  • Dip 5 to 6 pieces of Breadfruit into dosa mix.
Breadfruit dipped in dosa mix

  • Take a Dosa pan and keep in low flame. Add one spoon ghee to pan and spread around.
  • Now keep the dipped Breadfruit pieces in the pan in leaving gap between each piece.
  • Fill the gap with Dosa mix and keep till fries. Put upside down and let it fry for sometime.
Breadfruit dosa in dosa pan+coffee

Ready breadfruit dosa in pan +south indian recipes

breadfruit dosa served
  • Serve hot by adding butter along with a hot coffee.
Same dosa mix can be prepared and you can add palak leaves to Dose mix during off season of Breadfruit.
Try this delicious breakfast and come back to me if you have any doubts in the recipe.

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