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Menopause at 30s

Menopause actually means end of monthly periods. A woman is infertile and will no more be eligible to be pregnant once she enters menopause. Imbalance of  Estrogen and progesterone hormones  leads to irregular menstrual cycle and finally when the ovaries completely stop producing these hormones, she will no longer experience her menstrual cycle. Menopause usually occurs at the age of 45 -50years. Sleepless nights, depression ,  increase in body heat , pigmentation and urinary track infections are mainly its symptoms.

But why am I discussing this topic here?? Every woman is aware of “regular menopause” occurring in every single woman in this earth. Please mind my word “Regular menopause”.  I will be talking to you about “irregular menopause” now.

Too young for menopause+what is menopause+menopausal

What does it mean?? Irregular menopause?? 
I was working in IT field before I got my son and I had to quit my job. My team lead was a lady of around 30s , too much dedicated and responsible in her profession and worked all round the clock. She experienced irregular periods and her menstrual cycle occurred around once in 6 to 8 months. I thought it might be hereditary. I do not know whether she consulted any experts or gynaecologist and also I am not in contact with her since I am busy with my motherhood. 

April 1st 2013 The Times of India newspaper had an article in its front page saying women in cities working for IT enter menopause in 20s or 30s. May be my colleague too experienced the same. The experts from Fortis hospitals mentioned that today’s life style is the cause for it like stress in work and increase of using reproductive techniques.

What I feel is, we have to work on it before it enters our doorsteps because   Menopause in 20s is simply end of life. Infertility begins before you could be a mother and according to me if you miss being a mother in your life, you have missed your golden part of life.
I do not know much about this problem but my opinion for this is do not mix your personal and professional life. No matter however stressful was your work in office, forget when you enter your sweet home. Do not do your office work at home so that you will keep your mind free for at least few hours in a day until it’s too necessary.  Spend happy times with your family to avoid undergoing depression.

This is just what I think which can be done to get rid of this disease
  • Late marriages may also be a cause for it. Try getting married at the age of 25-28years. 
  • Alter your food habits. Avoid junk foods like pizzas and burgers and also soft drinks. 
  • Take lots of fresh leafy vegetables and fruits. 
  • Try having food from your home. If you find difficult to cook yourself keep a maid who can help you out. Hydrate yourself with lots of water , also tender coconut water and vegetable soups. 
  • Never ever smoke and intake alcohol. Practice yoga for relaxing. 

Now the ratio is one in thousand. We ourselves have to work on it to keep us healthy and happy. One thing is real truth, anything we do against this nature will harm us back within a short span of time.

Please read this article and spread it to all happy ladies and post back your suggestions and comments. Discuss with your elders and friends and share it to all women. 

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