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Indian Rava Laddoo

Weekends mostly calls for some leisure and of course sweets. This time it is laddooo...

Laddo, if you know Bheem, then you will agree that laddo gives instant energy and strength.
Which laddo Bheem eats? If you answer this, I will treat you with Suji Laddoo. Suji is Rava.
Enough, I am blabbering a lot. 

suji laddu recipe

Indian desserts are one better than the other. There is no end to the recipes of Indian sweets.


One cup of suji
One cup of milled sugar.
Ghee, half cup.
Cashew pieces, raisins, cardamom powder.

Suji Ladoo Recipe:

  • Heat ghee in a pan.
  • Add cashew pieces and roast. Also add raisins. Fry until cashews turns golden brown and raisins bloat in shape. Remove them from the pan and keep aside.
  • Now to the pan add suji and fry till suji begins to let out the roasted aroma. Add more ghee if needed.

rava laddoo recipe

  • Add fried suji, cardamom powder, sugar and fried cashew and raisins into a mixing bowl.
  • Mix well.

indian sweet suji laddu

  • Now add warm milk little by little. Check if you are able to make small balls from the ingredients in the bowl. If yes, don’t add any more milk.

suji rava laddu

  • When everything is still hot/warm, make small laddoos .

sweet recipe rava laadoo

There, the race finishes. :). Once cooled, it is difficult to make balls of laddoo. That is why the hurrying up.

Enjoy. Here is your share. :)

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