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Street Wear Stay On Liquid Eye Liner Review

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After using Lotus Herbals Opulence Eyeliner pointed eye liner, I am now handy with the pin tipped eye liner applicators. It is a great trouble for me to look into myself every now and then to check whether my liners and lipsticks has been lightened and reapplying them if so. This product claimed to be staying for long hours which I was searching for and also is a pin tipped one to give you the thinnest line. 

Streetwear Stay On Liquid Eye Liner

Claims of Street Wear  Stay On Liquid Eye Liner:
Streetwear's liquid based eyeliner comes in a lovely curvy container. Its a part of a Stay On range so it promises to stay on for as long as eight hours.
Product Details:
Black eyeliner
Liquid based, smooth brush applicator
Price and Quantity: Rs 350 for 6ml

Street Wear  Stay On Liquid Eye Liner

My Experience with Streetwear Stay On Liquid Eye Liner:
Package: Black opaque fibrous bottle with a light greyish cap. The bottle slightly widens as it moves above. On the whole the structure is tending to be oval.
Applicator:  The applicator attached to the cap is elongated and allows enough space for your fingers to hold. The applicator is thin and pointed. Also it is soft and can be bent at the ends of your upper eye.  The tip is so pointed it helps you draw thinnest line. If you are used to brushy applicators you might take a week to get hold of this pointed one.
Nature: The liquid is thick when you compare to other brands. It dries immediately and stays for long. Apply at the morning and you will find your eyes intact till the day ends. Even though you rub or walk out in the hot sun, it remains to be original. It does not dry off forming cuts or cracks. The liquid is simply blackish without any shine. It gives a good black colour, I do not swipe more than twice.
Streetwear Stay On Liquid Eye Liner
The major take back for me is while I try to wash it away. Watering will wipe the liner but forms a black scar like around my eyes. Looks like dark circles. I then use a wet tissue to clean my eye surroundings.
Pros of Street Wear Stay On Liquid Eye Liner:
  • Good packing
  • Elongated applicator to ease the application.
  • Pointed applicator forming a thin line.
  • Stays for very long.
Cons of Street Wear Stay On Liquid Eye Liner:
  • Washing creates a mess for me.
  • Pricey.
Rating: 4/5
Recommendation:  This liner is the best having the longest staying power. 

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