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Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Wild Card Review & Swatches

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The cold season makes everything look dull. But the bright colors are always there to cheer up. It is mostly witch looking shades that gets importance for fall season. I have a lip color here; but it is super bright though not witch or vamp like looking.

Benefit Full Finish Lipsticks

Have you seen the lipstick swatches of benefit lipsticks. Here, follow the link. 
This is a review on one of them; Benefit Full Finish Lipstick in Wild Card.

Benefit FullFinish Lipstick

A black shiny round tube. It is the typical old fashioned shape. The sleek and longer tube looks more pretty actually.

Benefit Lipstick Wild Card
In this  tube, there are some white patterns. This pattern prints are found on other range of lipstick tubes of Benefit too.

The lipstick is creamy. No exfoliation is required before applying this lipstick. (Exfoliating the lips might give better result with this lipstick. But not exfoliating the lips for this lipstick is not bad either.) It does not tug in between while applying. No clumping either. Does not settle in between the lines on the lips. In short, it is an easy applying lipstick.

Benefit Full Finish Wild Card

Wild card is a wild shade. Something similar to brown red. It is more towards brown when worn on lips, but neither a real brown nor a real red. It definitely falls into a bold shade category.

Benefit Lipstick Wild Card Betty

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick

My make up usually means only lipstick. And this looks like a complete make up.

It is very good with 3 swipes on. It is equally good with just 2 swipes too, one light hand stain like application and the next one to cover up the unequal color application if any.

Benefit Lipstick  WildCard Handswatch
Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Wild Card Hand Swatch - 2 Swipes
Benefit Lipstick  WildCard Hand swatch
Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Wild Card Hand Swatch - 4 Swipes

Staying power: 
I only make 2 swipes with this color. And the shade is so bright even after 8 hours. It is a little faded after about 10 hours. But by then the lips are a little flaky. :(
So, towards the end you cannot leave your lips as it is. Got to use any of the lip treatment products.

Benefit Full FInish Lipstick Betty

Benefit FullFinish Wild Card

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Mine came from overseas. It is priced at Rs. 1711 at jungle.com. You can buy here.

More swatches of Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Wild Card:

Benefit Lipstick Wild Card Swatches
2 swipes hand swatch in different natural lighting
Benefit Lipstick Wild Card Swatch
4 swipes hand swatch in different natural lighting
Pros of Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Wild Card:
  • Very smooth gliding and easy to use lipstick texture.
  • Wild Card is a very bright shade that is best suited for this season.
  • Staying power is extremely good.
  • Pigmentation is also very good. Just 2 light swipes give a very good color to the lips.
  • Worth every penny paid for this lipstick.
Cons of Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Wild Card:
  • A little drying towards the end of the day.
  • Availability is India is a major drawback.
Recommendation: Yes. If you have friends or relatives overseas, this is one thing you should ask them to bring for you.  
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