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How to Wear a Waist Chain with Saree

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When you say waist belt, it would be any belt that goes wearing around the waist. The any sort of trendy, funky or fashionable belts. But when it is Saree Waist Belt, it is typical ethnic and Indian traditional idea.

A sari when worn with waist accessories gives that oomph factor. The entire look becomes very attractive and noticeable.

Often the saree waist belts and chains are associated with bridal jewelleries. But it need not be so. Whoever gets draped in the typical Indian traditional saree style can flaunt their waist and their special waist accessories.

saree waist chains

I have few (read only 3 :)) saree waist chain and key-chains made of silver. I usually accessorize my silk sarees with these ethnic waist key chains.

If you want artificial waist chain jewellery buy online at craftsvilla.com. There are many options these days to buy jewellery online. Jewellery online stores allow us to keep staring and admiring as many designs you want for as long as you want. That is the actual fun of jewellery online shopping. :). And there is no fear of the sales assistant shooing you off when it is jewelry online shopping.

Saree Waist Key Chain:

A key chain is the smallest of the saree waist accessories. but, the key chain can be huge or small. It does not cover the entire waist line.  Saree Waist keychain is worn at a point where the waist is visible from draped saree. The key chains usually have enamel paints, motifs, pearls, stones, anklets, and of course a ring to hold the house hold keys.

saree key chains

saree belts

I have 2 saree waist key chains. Both are made of silver. They costed somewhere in between Rs.1500 – Rs.2000. It was few years back. Now, the price might vary due to variations in silver price/gm.

Saree Waist Chain:

Waist chains come if a variety of designs. Some span a full circle around the wasit while some go about just half the waist. Some waist chains have jhumka hangings throughout, and some other have jallery like dangling. 

There are waist chains that have huge pendants in between or a centric design. Such central design oriented wasit chains can be worn such that the centre design can be near the belly button or at one side of the hip.

saree waist chain

I have a triangular web comb like waist chain. It is not a long chain to cover the entire waist. The triangular web has colour stones to make the look more elegant. This chain is made of silver too. I do not remember the weight nor price of this waist chain.

saree waist belts

Since this a triangular half chain, it can be worn in 3 ways.

One way is to pin one end of the chain to the middle of the saree blowse in the front. And pin the other end of the chain to the middle of the blowse at the back. This will make the triangular design fall on you waist skin.

how to wear chain with saree

Second way of flaunting this waist chain is to fix it to the saree in the middle at the front. This will make the triangular design to hand at the front.

how to wear a waist belt

The third style is allowing the triangular design to hang at the side of the hip. For this style too the chain has to be fixed to the saree near the waist and adjust accordingly to allow the chain to hang.

How to Wear a Waist Chain with Saree

Combining saree waist accessories: 

If you are not satisfied with just single jewellery accessory on your waist, try combining with as many accessories you have.

Try using 2 or more waist key chains. This gives a bulky and heavy look at the waist point.

how to wair saree key chain

how to wear saree key chains

Use both waist chains (full or half) and waist key chains together.
Try your heart out with all the saree waist accessories. You will love your saree more than ever. :)

How to Wear a Waist Chain

Expect more posts on South Indian traditional Saree Waist belt. It is called as Vodyana or Sonta Patti here in South.

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