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Home Made Baby Massage Oil

Oil massage for babies before giving them a hot bath is a tradition and also directed by the paediatricians. It is a mandatory job of every mother and has been practising from decades ago continuing even to this modern age because your baby feels relaxed and happy when their sensitive skin and bones are massaged. Also massaging promotes the growth of their bones since the oil gets absorbed easily in babies.

Home Made Baby Massage Oil

There are few tips to be remembered when you massage your baby.
  • Always try the upward strokes
  • Do not use more greasy oil. You might feel easy to massage with the greasy oil but it is not healthy for your baby‘s skin as it clogs the skin pores.  
  • Do not spill water to the oil. Discard if the oil is mixed with water as it is not hygiene.
  • Try to wash out all the oil applied using a mild baby soap as it helps to wash away dirt and sweat particles.
This was all the points I follow while I massage my baby J. Now apart from the branded Baby Massage oils available in the market, I have a homemade baby massage oil followed in our family from generations to generations.

Coconut oil
4 to 5 Sambar balli (Indian Borage) leaves
Half spoon pepper
Half spoon Rice

Importance of Ingredients:

Coconut oil –A perfect oil with balanced amount of grease and has cooling effect.

Pepper – To avoid your baby catch cold after oiling.

Sambar balli (Indian Borage) leaves – helps to tackle any skin infections , also good for cough and cold.

Rice – It is used to nullify the extra heat produced from the pepper and Sambar balli (Indian Borage) leaves.

Home Made Baby Massage Oil


Take a deep pan ,let it heat in low flame.

Add half spoon of pepper and half spoon of rice to the pan. Heat pepper and rice till the rice turns golden brown.

Now add small pieces of Sambar balli (Indian Borage) leaves and coconut oil to the pan.

Home Made Baby Massage Oil

Allow oil to heat for about 5 minutes till you get small bubbles.

Switch off the flame and cover a lid to the pan. Let it remain still for about 2 hours so that all the essential contents of Sambar balli (Indian Borage) leaves, pepper and rice spreads to the oil.

Home Made Baby Massaage Oil

Now filter out the ingredients and transfer the oil to a clean bottle.

Home Made Baby Massage Oil

Healthy Hygiene Baby Massage oil is Ready for your Baby J.

This is my baby massage oil and all the little ones in my family are grown up from this oil including myself J.

Please feel free to share your  baby massage oil. You can mail me or comment on me.

Till then stay Happy!.

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