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Teasel Gourd Stir Fry Recipe

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What is this thing called?

Spiny Bitter Gourd Baby Jack Fruit

  • This is a seasonal veggie. The wild form of vegetable usually available at the region of forest belts. Thus the name, Forest Bitter Gourd.
  • It looks like a mini jackfruit, hence Baby Jackfruit. But it isn’t from the jackfruit family.
  • It is a bitter gourd with lot of spiky spines on the body, thus Spiny Bitter Gourd. But it isn’t bitter like the usual bitter gourd diabetes ones are advised.
  • Combining all the relevant terms spiny, jackfruit, bitter gaurd, it is also called Jackfruit Spiny Bitter Gourd.
  • Since this baby bitter gourd it is not bitter, it is also known as Sweet Gourd. And also Bitter melon.
  • And officially these are Teasel Gourd . 

Teasel Gourd Jackfruit Bitter Gourd

These are regional and are involved in traditional types of recipes of south Indian cooking. Not everyone knows about these gourds. Even if available at the stores, people would just ignore for the lack of knowledge about what it is or what can be made of it.


Teasel Gourd (250 g).
Freshly grated coconut 4- 5 spoon
Red chilli powder (2 spoon)
Salt for taste.
For seasoning: One spoon urad dal, mustard seeds, curry leaves, one long red chilli, turmeric powder, and 4 spoon of cooking oil.

Teasel Gourd Stir Fry Recipies:

Clean the bitter melon gourd thoroughly since the spiny texture might hold dirt.
Cut it into half and then chop the halved bitter melon into long slices.

Chopped Bitter Gourd

In a pan, heat oil and add turmeric powder.
Add mustard seeds, dal, curry leaves, red chilli and stir-fry for a minute.
Now add the chopped teasel gourd and stir continuously.

Stir fry Bitter Gourd

Close the lid for the pan for 5 minutes. The teasel gourd is done by now.
To this add grated coconut, chilli powder and salt. Stir well again.

Bitter Gourd Stir fry

This makes one of the best vegetarian stir-fry recipies

Teasel Gourd Stir Fry

Teasel gourd has seeds in between which are crunchy even after cooked.

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