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7 Important Things My Grandma Said

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Grandmothers seem to be an ancient living being amongst us. It is so rightly said that experiences in life teaches you a lot. And especially someone who has herself delivered 10 times, is an expert in all fields of pregnancy care and child care.

There is no count of how many pregnant ladies my grandmother has helped during their child birth and their post delivery days (for at least 2 months after delivery). So, experience makes her an encyclopaedia of pregnancy, mother care and baby care.

She trained my mother with all the information of mother care post delivery and baby care initial days. A lot of informations on the post-delivery mother’s diet.

There are some very important informations she passed on to me when I was pregnant and almost termed. See below. 

baby care tips

Oil massage

Not a single day oil massaging is to be skipped. If you want to have a hot shower for relaxing your aching muscles, then oil massage prior to the shower is a must. 

This was because; oil massage prevents most of the skin problems which are likely to occur in new mothers. Oil massaging helps in skin shrinking and gives a relaxed feel to the tired body.

And as for babies, oil massage helps in the development and growth of the baby. Oil massage and bath for babies makes them sleep sound without any disturbance.

Blow your Baby’s Belly Button after Bath:

Belly button is the point where your unborn child was connected to you. You are aware of this, right? The shape of the belly button depends on the nurse who would knot the umbilical cord. 

After the oil massage and hot water bath, it is natural for water to get collected at the belly button.
Your baby’s doctor has prescribed medicine for application for healing the wound there. If you proceed with water or any other residue still there, it would eventually get trapped and a big lump at the baby’s belly would occur or any other associated problems too. 

So, do not forget to blow the belly button. Blowing would push out anything that is collected at the hole.

Blowing the Middle of the Head after Bath.

After head bath, there is some precautions to be taken so that baby do not suffer from health issues.
Baby’s have a skull gap at the middle of their head. This portion is not covered with the skull bone. Hence after bath, if the dampness in the head is not dried, then, this could cause common cold or any other health issues.

Thus, blow the middle of the baby’s head.

Using Indian Borage Leaves after Bath.

I have a pot full of Indian Borage plant with me. The leaves are good for keeping the body warm. Hence, for new born babies, using borage leaves are a must.

Put 2 -3 borage leaves on a mildly warm pan. When the leaves change in color, simply squeeze the leaves, and it will ooze its juice out. Apply this borage leaves juice on your baby’s middle part of the head. This is where you just blew off the dampness. 

What is Indian Borage Leaf? See here, here and here.

Dis-infect ant smoke in Baby Room

Babies usually sleep after bath. The baby’s room has to be warm, cozy, clean and hygienic. Every day once in the morn and once in the evening, a small amount of smoke is to be allowed in.

For this, add peels of onions or garlic, a tiny piece of mild camphor into an earthen pot. Also add rice bran. Put them all on fire. Blow off the fire and let the smoke come out. Allow this smoke in the baby’s room. 

This is a excellent air disinfectant and purifies the air in the baby room.


Burping after every feed is must. Else, the gas will get trapped in baby’s stomach and then would begin the real pain for the mother and baby.

Cloth cradle.

Cloth cradle is the traditional Indian way of putting baby to sleep. A cotton saree or cloth is hung from above height into which the baby is placed and its swing like movement puts baby to sleep.

Cloth cradle provides the warmth and gives the baby a hugging like feel. Thus making the baby feel secure and safe. This also prevents baby from getting flat head. Flat head is usually seen in babies who are put into crib.

So, these were the basic things which I immediately noted. Share your experience of baby caring. I would be glad to know newer things.

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